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Hawaii Five-0 “Loa Aloha (The Long Goodbye)” 

Photo Credit: CBS

Catching up, y’all. Thanks for waiting! So, the stunt casting of Dane Cook as Danny’s brother did NOT suck. Shock me, shock me. shock me. I did, however, want to see Danny nut up and wing him to keep him safe, but alas, then we couldn’t have him come back again. Upsides, Danny does get a sympathetic shoulder (and cuddle) from Rachel.

So, hermano Williams drops in on Danny and he is somewhat skeptical of motive. Matty throws around “million dollar” this and “million dollar” that as reasons for his visit (he’s an investment banker), but fairly soon, Danny and McGarrett run up against investigators who have tailed Matty to Hawaii because he’s fled an SEC investigation–and accusations that he milked some serious coin from his clients–back East. Danny’s immediately defensive that it’s not possible, even going so far as to discuss (reasonably, even!) with Rachel. When he can’t pin Matty down on specifics, he finally calls bulls-t and Matty confesses everything–that he did steal the money and he was going to run and he’s in Hawaii in a last ditch Hail Mary pass with some drug dealers (Bad Idea, meet Worse Idea).

In a supremely awesome series of scenes, Danny tells Matty he will go home with him and face the music, but Matty bails and McGarrett and Danny find agents tearing up Matty’s room. McGarrett sends the agents on a goose chase so Danny can go get Matty and they have a showdown on an airstrip on opposite sides of a chainlink fence as Danny holds a gun on his brother after screaming out “Matthew Williams” (sans middle name…) to make him stop. Matty’s fallen in with the druggies and despite Danny’s pleas to give up and come home and make right, Matty’s not hearing him. He boards the plane, and a broken Danny winds up on Rachel’s’ doorstep. She opens the door to him and his face says everything before he opens his mouth. When he tells her he lost him, she opens her arms to him and they hold each other. (I’m assuming Stan was out of town, because, ya know…)

On the “oh yeah, we’re cops” front, there’s an icky case of a maligned ex-con whose collegiate son was the “make an example” case in a DUI arrest. He got the maximum sentence and then was killed in prison. Dad is revenging on the parties involved by killing their children in front of them–dropping from a zip line, blowing up a car, and the like. Debrah Farentino pops up as his ex-wife to exposition fairy things and the 5-0s catch up to him before he can detonate a middle schooler in front of his attorney mother. No winners there.

So, this sets us up for the hiatus. I really don’t think Danny would cheat with Rachel because he’s not that guy, but who knows. I liked that McGarrett went to the mat for him in an immediate NQA, “family is family” kind of way. Not a whole lot for everyone else to do this episode, but another showcase for Scott Caan. I hope he wanted to be a TV star, because he’s getting there. See you on the 21st!

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