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Brothers and Sisters: The Remix 

Photo Credit: ABC

I thought I would just go over some of the stuff that is happening with our favorite family, The Walkers:

First of all let’s talk Rose and Tommy. I have to say I am not a fan of Rose and she has caused some trouble in the family.  I don’t know about you, but if I was getting to know my new extended family I wouldn’t be doing research on them after they asked for it to stop.  But maybe that’s just me. Rose did discover the marriage license of Nora and William and the date didn’t match the anniversary that the family had always celebrated.  Nora was pregnant before she got married!  Back then, it was a big deal.  Then Rose finds Sarah’s birth certificate and her Dad’s name was not on it.  What!?!?!?  Nora was dating another guy back then named Brody.  Could he be Sarah’s biological father?  Sarah actually goes to see this mysterious Brody, but he is not her father, William Walker is.  I don’t think I could take another paternity story.

Because Sarah went to see Brody (after Nora wanted her to drop it) he decided to come and check in with Nora himself.  Brody, who is played by Beau Bridges (Sally Field’s co-star in the award winning film, Norma Rae.  I know, awesome trivia!), calls into Nora’s radio show.  She freaks out when she realizes it’s Brody. Nora is furious with Sarah.  She says she doesn’t want to see him, but come on, we all know deep down she wants to see the guy.  When Nora comes home, there is a large motor home parked in front of her house.  Nora is already cranky and when the door opens and it’s Brody.  We find out that he is a manager for a minor league baseball team and has the motor home because he is on the road a lot.  Along with his dog, Brody makes himself at home.  Of course, Kevin has to come over and meet him and give his mom a hard time.  (Anytime Kevin is in a scene, it’s always good) Long story short, Brody and Nora have a nice connection that is left open-ended.

BIG NEWS!!!!:  Saul finally is getting some loving!  Richard is sticking around.  Well at least for now….

Justin met a homeless vet and was committed to helping him get on his feet again.  The Vet tried to push Justin away, but finally accepted his help.  I have to say I like homeless vet guy….I have a feeling he is going to clean up nice!  Did I just say that out loud?

Kitty has been missing in action, but will be back in this week’s episode.  And Kevin and Scotty will be dealing with the whole Olivia issue and the adoption.

But back to Tommy.  It looks like working with Sarah doesn’t work for him, so Brody got him a job as a business manager of a minor league team.  And by the way, everyone was mad about it because Tommy would have to move away, etc, etc.  It seemed to get sorted out but who knows with the Walkers.  Till next time…..

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