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Soap Love Notes: Paging Victor Webster (Dr. Josh Davidson, Castle) 

Victor Webster — ex-Nicholas Alamain, Days of our Lives

Photo Credit: ABC/Randy Holmes

On ABC’s Castle, we’ve known Beckett’s been dating a heroic doctor named Josh, but we’ve only seen him once…that is, until “Setup.” On February 21, we actually got another Victor Webster sighting, although it wasn’t much longer than his first appearance. I have a little bit of a beef with this. I know his character’s an obstacle for Beckett and Castle. As far as I’m concerned Beckett and Castle are the be all end all — they’re soulmates. However, I can’t condone not showing the former Days of our Lives actor as much as possible. Obviously, I don’t want him to take over the show, but by now I thought we would have gotten to see a little bit more of him.

Thankfully, that situation was rectified a little bit in this week’s “Countdown.” Dr. Motorcycle Boy decided against going to Haiti with Doctors without Borders. In Beckett’s world, that meant so much. She thought this grand gesture saved their relationship because I really don’t think she was going to put up with an absent boyfriend. Suddenly, it seems like Webster’s stint is going to go on a little bit longer. In a normal world, I would love the idea of Dr. Josh and Beckett. But this is Castle we’re talking about. So I’m okay with Josh being a temporary diversion until Beckett and Castle can happen. Because that’s ultimately what I want to see. I’m just happy Webster’s part of the show.

Photo Credit: ABC/Randy Holmes

And while I’m on the subject of his Castle character, I have to get shallow. First of all, I’m loving the longer hair look he’s sporting. And, second, we here at TV Goodness feel there needs to be at least one shirtless scene featuring him before the end of his run. Just saying…

Victor Webster

Webster’s days on Days of our Lives were pretty brief — only a year. I thought he was underutilized as Nicholas Alamain but was very grateful he quickly moved on to the primetime and syndication universes. After several guest-star shots he landed on the weekly syndicated series Mutant X where he played the super-powered Brennan Mulwray. I completely admit to loving this guilty pleasure that lasted three seasons and starred fellow soap stars, series regular Forbes March (Jesse Kilmartin) and the recurring Michael Easton (Gabriel Ashlocke). More recently, he played a doctor on the now defunct ABC Family drama Lincoln Heights; had a role on CBS’ limited series Harper’s Island; and then worked on another Katie Cassidy show, the CW’s Melrose Place. On the reboot he was Caleb, Ella’s (Cassidy) boss at the PR firm before he was fired to make way for Amanda Woodward.

Victor’s an actor I always want to see — especially if it’s as a series lead on an ensemble TV show. I’m hoping one day soon he’ll book another permanent gig and that show becomes super successful. We need him on our small screens on a weekly basis.

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