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Justified “The I of the Storm” 

Photo Credit: FX/Prashant Gupta

So, the Comcast upgrade to Xfinity’s onscreen programming guide on Monday deleted everything I’d taped since October—every episode of H50, Human Target, Justified, The Vampire Diaries, Primeval, Supernatural, and Fairly Legal, plus a handful of cheesy Hallmark/Lifetime/Syfy movie, which is a roundabout way of saying I’m going to recap this without the benefit of instant replay. If I bif the sequence of events, comment me!

Raylan and Winona are still not-dating and they head 50 miles out of town to listen to music only to find Tim at the bar, so Winona declares they’re leaving and Raylan acquiesces because he likes sleeping with her. Tim never spills anything at work, but Raylan indirectly does when he’s asked if he thinks Tim is OK after the shooting last week’s episode (he says yes, BTW). Sidebar: I thought it looked like Tim was perhaps on a date with a guy, but like I said, no replay.

The crime of the week is a (FX-appropriately-violent) rip of a pill bus on a run back into the state with prescription drugs. Onboard the bus to witness the heist is our old friend, Dewey Crowe, who just wants his investment back. He goes to see Boyd, assuming he had a hand in it, but Boyd says no go and P.S., move along, but Dewey being Dewey, he comes up with his own lame-brained scheme to steal back the drugs and/or money by staging a robbery disguised as, wait for it…U.S. Marshall Raylan Givens.

Boyd, meanwhile, is retreating to booze and wimmins as he tries to deflect attention from himself. He’s pursued by a couple of fellow miners with ulterior ambitions and responds by taking one of them on a ride alongside his moving SUV until he drops him. He does at least get out and check vitals before speeding away.

Raylan stops in to visit Ava and she tells him the arrangement with Boyd is part financial necessity and part security since he’s her only living kin. She also shares with him that she’s living in a dry house after the events of last season had her drinking her fair share and then some. He goes to see Boyd and Boyd reiterates that the meth game isn’t his anymore (and we get the most excellent comment they’re using in the promos that maybe Raylan’s hat makes people nervous).

Dewey takes his haul to the whorehouse and settles in with a couple of working girls when Raylan busts in and shuts them down. About this time, Sherriff Bennett shows up on the heels of the two dunces Dewey robbed and when they tell him his own brothers arranged the heist, he shoots them both point blank. Dewey makes it out alive, though. Then the Sherriff goes home to slap his brothers around for extreme stupidity.

So we have a setup for an unhinged Boyd; a maybe-secret life from Tim, and Winona possibly reconsidering her marriage vs. sneaking around with Raylan. Good times!

One little casting note—Channon Roe was one of the guys doing the pill bust heist and he’s always a welcome addition. I first noticed him when he was a regular on FOX’s awesome-before-its-time vamp soap, The Kindred 15 years ago. He’s also on The Chicago Code right now. Somebody give him a show, please.

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