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We Need to Know: Is Lockhart Gardner the Best Place for Alicia on The Good Wife? 

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There doesn’t seem to be a week that goes by that Alicia’s beliefs or morals or integrity aren’t tested. She’s had to do and say things she doesn’t believe in or agree with. She’s had to compromise and question. She’s had to ask herself what kind of person she really wants to be. More and more I feel like maybe Lockhart Gardner isn’t the type of place Alicia should work. And she’s not the only one who feels that way.

Peter Florrick sums it up perfectly when he tells Glenn Childs he’s not the only one who wants to do good. But it seems like almost everyone gets corrupted along the way. Where’s the line? When do you know you’ve crossed it? Do you care that you’ve crossed it? Is it ever too late to go back? I think every character on this show should be asking themselves that. We don’t even know the extent of everything Kalinda’s done but we know she skirts that line and often crosses it. How about Cary? He could get fired for warning Kalinda about the grand jury investigation. Or Derrick Bond? He brought Blake in under false pretenses to kick Diane out of her own firm. Or how about Will and Diane? They say they’re fighting for justice, but that just isn’t the case this week. It’s disappointing to see someone you hold in such high esteem let you down. And I think it’s beginning to rub off on Alicia.

I’m not happy that Will and Diane wanted Alicia to get Ken Leung’s character to lie during the deposition. I’m even more disappointed that she did it. What is happening to the strong, principled woman I’ve come to respect since the first episode of The Good Wife? I guess I’m putting her up on a pedestal. She would have cheated on Peter if given the opportunity so she can’t really take the moral high ground. And this isn’t the first case where she’s disagreed with strategy or how they go about getting what they want out of their client. I know life is never black and white and I don’t need or want Alicia to be a saint. I do want her to be able to look herself in the eye. I want her to be able to hold her head up. I don’t want her to be ashamed about anything she’s said or done in the process of doing her job. Would it be so bad if Alicia took a job with Viola Walsh? I’m not saying Viola is better than Will or Diane because we know she’s not. I just don’t want to see Alicia have to compromise her values. I think she needs to step up and tell Will and Diane how she feels. And I’m sure she will eventually. I can’t wait to hear that conversation.

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