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Emote This: Castle “Countdown” 

Photo Credit: ABC/Karen Neal

I can’t imagine being stuck in a freezer knowing I’m about to die. Its cold comfort that you’re with someone you love, especially when you don’t feel you can be honest about your feelings. As Castle and Beckett sit huddled on the floor knowing they’re facing the end, something in me welled up and spilled over. Yes, I was totally crying. Normally I’d call this my moment of goodness, but I also want to talk about how this scene (and the show, in general) made me feel. Welcome to a new feature, Emote This.

This show has been on fire lately. I’ve always been a fan but lately I feel like every moving piece is clicking perfectly. It’s been so much fun this year. Like many (if not all) of you, I am getting a bit impatient with Castle and Beckett’s state of not-togetherness. I know she’s in a relationship with Josh. I know it’s still probably too early in the series to get the two leads together but with every passing episode I grow more frustrated. What made “Countdown” so emotional for me is that there were a few opportunities for both Castle and Beckett to declare their true feelings and they didn’t do it. I get it though. The human heart is a tricky organ. It wants what it wants but it also doesn’t want to get hurt.

I have to give it to Kate and stepping up first. She’s literally about to say she loves him (or at least say a word that starts with L) before she’s succumbs to the cold. I know she’s one of the leads and the show can’t continue without her, but I panicked for a moment. I didn’t think she was dead but I wanted her to be conscious for anything Rick might have wanted to say back. But he didn’t say anything back. You know how sometimes people talk to other people when they think they’re not listening – asleep, unconscious, whatever. It’s times like these when they can say what they need to say and can’t be judged. Or hurt. I kind of wanted him to tell Kate he loved her too. – for him to be able to say it out loud, even if she didn’t hear it. Sigh.

And then when Castle and Beckett are standing in front of the bomb and it’s about to detonate? Again, another great opportunity to spill. And nothing. But if I really think about it I have to admit I’m not ready for them to actually say the three words to each other yet. It’s gotta come from a more genuine moment. I don’t want feelings being declared in a panic during a life-threatening event. Even if Castle and Beckett mean those words, the circumstances in which they’re declared can make for doubts later on. So, I guess what I’m saying is I’m glad they didn’t admit how they both feel. Damn you, Castle, for knowing exactly what I want and making me wait for it. I’m devoted to you for life.

p.s. Kudos to Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic for making me care about these characters so much. I’m forever devoted to them now too.

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