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Relationship Recap: Elena and Katherine Keep Choosing Stefan, The Vampire Diaries 

Photo Credit: Art Streiber / The CW

Poor Damon. He was in love with Katherine for over a century but when she returns from the dead, she says it’s for Stefan. He’s in love with Elena, who inspires him to be a better man. But she’s in love with Stefan. Why can’t our brooding bad boy get any love from these two ladies? But more importantly, why does he want it?

Among the many great/shocking/heartbreaking moments in “The House Guest,” the most resonant for me is when Katherine rejects Damon again. She tells him she’s about to be honest – always a scary prospect – and tells him she could only save one brother so she picked Stefan. Again. So, let’s recap. Katherine claims she came back for Stefan, even though he never loved her. Jonas tells her she can only save one brother, so she fails to tell Damon he’ll die if he kills Elijah. And when she’s feeling frisky after killing Jonas, she makes herself at home in Damon’s bed. It was a hot scene but I’m so glad Damon kicked Katherine out. He doesn’t need any more of her drama and she’s a very poor substitute for Elena.

And what about Elena? She’s head over heels for Stefan. It’s clear to anyone who’s paying attention how Damon feels for her. I love that he actually told Elena how he felt, even if he had to erase her memory later. Sad. Damon is a character I used to love to hate. Now I just love him. He’s got his issues and he still does very bad things but I want him to find love. Should it be with Elena? Now that would be something. I might also like to see Katherine worm her way back into Damon’s good graces. She has a habit of making Damon into a loose cannon and I like it when he’s wreaking havoc.

I wonder what’s actually best for Damon though. It’s definitely not Katherine. She’s only concerned with herself and what others can do for her. I don’t think she could truly be unselfish enough to love anyone. I think Elena’s love and influence would transform Damon. I might like to see that but I wouldn’t want to see Damon lose all his bite. It’s what I love most about him, even when he’s doing outrageous things. The brothers are currently getting along but I like it when they fight, especially when it’s over a woman.

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