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Moment of Sadness: Matt finds out about Caroline and Freaks the %*&#% Out, The Vampire Diaries, “The House Guest” 

Photo Credit: Bob Mahoney/The CW

So, I have been wanting the producers and writers to do something with Matt already. It’s halfway through Season Two! Well, in “The House Guest,” I definitely got what I asked for and the result was just so very sad. Jonas Martin was on a rampage. Vampires (meaning Damon) had been responsible for killing his son. He already had a missing daughter. The warlock snapped. He decided to go after the target that would cause the most pain for everyone: Elena. He showed up at Mystic Grill in full terror mode and caused disaster and destruction in his wake. He used his psychic mojo on Caroline and when Matt saw that, he went in to help. Who knew that Jonas was beyond all help? The man broke a beer bottle and jabbed it into his neck. Caroline couldn’t let her guy die so she did what she had to do. She bit her wrist and fed Matt her blood and that healed him. But it just about destroyed their relationship.

When Matt woke up from being healed, Caroline was all lovey dovey and sunshine, rainbows and puppies. Meanwhile, Matt had a whole new world to deal with:

“How could your blood heal me?” “Because that’s what vampire blood does for humans and that’s what I am. I’m a vampire, Matt.”

Matt quickly put two and two together and came up with his sister falling prey to vampires. And he seemed to lump all vampires together — including Caroline, who had nothing to do with the awfulness that happened to Vicki. Obviously, this isn’t the reaction I was hoping for from Matt, but it was definitely a realistic reaction. I’m wondering if the fall out is going to be so bad that Caroline will have to do what she did with her mom and compel her confession and her healing actions away so he won’t remember a thing. That’s such a slippery slope, however. I hope the show doesn’t take that road. I’d like to see how Matt will deal with things after he has some time to think about it. I like that he finally found out what was going on in Mystic Falls. But, I also wish Matt and Caroline could have had more than two seconds of happiness before they were torn apart. Of course, new episodes of The Vampire Diaries don’t start until April 7, 2011. We won’t know just how Matt continues to react until then. Boo.

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