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What They Said

What They Said: Favorite Lines from Raising Hope “What Up, Cuz?” 

Photo Credit: FOX

Tonight’s episode way funny, in extremely inappropriate ways. I laughed a lot, but now I have to share my pain. And I’ve gotta give some love to Amy Sedaris for making this part so uncomfortably awesome.

Episode: “What Up, Cuz?”

Writer: Bobby Bowman

“We went to the lake. Second base was so much fun, I waved him around to third.””You seemed to be a big fan of third so I just rounded the base and slid into home.” “Stop.” “Head first.” “Stop.” “He cured my scoliosis.”

“I had areola reduction surgery that was only half successful.”

“I’m gonna go out and get myself a nice Brazilian wax. Just because your hands have to say above my waist doesn’t mean mine have to.”

“Nice job not punching her.”

“Second base. That’s under the bra. Who knows what kind of nipple drama I’m gonna find under there.”

“All these years I thought if I ever got to touch another woman’s breast, it would be my freebie.” “And if you ever run into Xena: Warrior Princess, you still have my blessing.” “Just like you still have my blessing if you ever meet former Olympic hero Greg Louganis.”

“Ready to hand tenderize my she meat? I’m all plucked.”

“How dare she expect me to put a bag over my head. Like she’s some prized package. Oh wait, there’s clothes in here.”

“Jelly up cowboy. I’m afraid all that working outdoors might a made your hands too scratchy for my girly parts.”

“I took exotic dance classes at my local church.” “Really? Before that you were worse then this?”

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