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Moment of Goodness

Three TV Couples, Three Romantic Moments of Goodness: Chuck, Smallville and Fringe 

Three of my favorite couples had really wonderful moments on their respective shows the week of February 14th (Valentine’s Week).

Morgan and Alex, Chuck, “Chuck Versus the Cat Squad”

Photo Credit: NBC
Photo Credit: NBC

The return of Carina (Sarah’s spy frenemy and fellow member of the CAT Squad) turned out to be a good thing — not only for Sarah — but for Morgan as well. The two shared a bit of a past. I wouldn’t call it romantic but the two definitely had hooked up. The instant Carina popped back into the lives of Chuck and his friends, she knew something was different about Morgan. He was confident and wasn’t automatically bending to her wiles. I guess he had that air of being taken, which was the truth. I thoroughly enjoyed how steadfast Morgan really was. Carina was being pretty heavy-handed with her advances, and Morgan tried to avoid them every time. Morgan told the leggy spy how he had a girlfriend; Carina asked if he loved Alex. And while he said he was, he admitted he hadn’t told her yet. To Carina, Morgan not telling Alex he loved her yet meant he wasn’t serious about the relationship. That’s not really what was going on, however. I think he was simply scared.

Of course, Alex kept catching Morgan in suspicious situations. She could see something was up and she valiantly tried to handle it all. But after a while, she couldn’t any longer. She told him as much at Sarah and Chuck’s engagement party when she tried to end things between them. He assured her nothing happened:

“Nothing means more to me than this relationship. I’d never do anything to threaten that. Ever. I love you. I love you. I’m in love with you.”

Such a super sweet moment. I’m so happy for Morgan. He’s finally found a real romance. He’s not just pining after someone that’s out of his league; and in this relationship, there is no drama (well, not too much drama). Morgan and Alex make a cute couple. I hope they last.

Chloe and Oliver, Smallville “Masquerade”

Photo Credit: Jack Rowand/The CW

Chloe and Oliver have had a rough time with their coupling this season. First of all, Ms. Sullivan’s been gone for half the time. But, recently, she came back and the two reignited their relationship. I love how they sparkle when they’re with each other; there’s a mutual respect for each other; and the two also share a sizable heroic streak, which almost always gets them in trouble. They’re also not afraid of getting their hands dirty when the situation calls for it.

They’re good guys, even though in the past, Oliver has struggled with a dark side. Chloe has struggled with who she is in terms of Clark and being Watchtower. She’s moved beyond that defined role. For years, she pined after Clark. Her relationship with Jimmy Olsen was immature at best. I think with Oliver, she’s free to be a woman; she’s free to be the brilliant person that she is; the one who protects her friends at all cost but strives to do more and on a bigger scale. And Oliver’s free to be the good guy that he is; he’s moved beyond that troubled little rich boy shtick; and he’s become one of the primary faces in the fight against  those trying to out all the so-called vigilante heroes. I feel like Chloe and Oliver just get each other. They make each other better people. Sappy, but true.

In “Masquerade,” the two were trying to define their relationship. Ollie was pushing for a label while Chloe really didn’t want to go there. Unfortunately, they had some other issues to deal with, namely being kidnapped. My favorite scene happened when Chlollie took the opportunity to go all badass against their captors. The couple that fights crime together stays together, hopefully. Chloe and Oliver gave the bad guys a smackdown and when they finally disposed of them, they looked at each other, said “I love you” at the same time; and then swooped in for a kiss. I loved this moment and I love this couple.

Peter and Olivia, Fringe “6B”

Photo Credit: FOX

“6B” was a momentous episode for Peter and Olivia fans like me. I love how the pair have worked to regain what was lost when Olivia was stuck “over there” and Peter was in the present dating a person he thought was his Olivia. Unfortunately, it wasn’t the true blue FBI agent; it was FauxLivia. Once the real Olivia returned and Peter came clean about how close he got with her alternate version, it was extremely realistic that his relationship with the woman he loved suffered.

In “6B,” Walter tried to repair things by getting the two to talk over a breakfast of blueberry pancakes. Peter and Olivia did talk; but it was kind of painful. Olivia said she knew Peter still had feelings for FauxLivia. And we also know from a previous episode she didn’t quite understand how he couldn’t see it wasn’t her. He just had to look in her eyes, right?

Peter countered with an explanation and it all culminated in a piece of dialogue that was utterly amazing: “I’ve seen what the two of us looks like. And it’s beautiful.” I sincerely don’t know how Olivia didn’t melt right there and then. But, she still had some issues to deal with and it all came to a head later in the episode when she and Peter were trying to talk an elderly lady into letting go of her dead husband. Peter gave the woman a convincing argument of why she needed to let go so their world didn’t continue to break:

“You’ve already had what most of us only dream of; a lifetime with the person that you love. Look around you. Your entire house is filled with mementos, photographs, ticket stubs; evidence of a life shared with somebody. Proof of what you and Derek had was true and real. And I know that when you have something so real you’ll do anything to keep from losing it; but please, you have to let him go.”

Peter was seriously eloquent in this episode, wasn’t he? However, it was Olivia’s words to Peter at the end of the amazing hour that conveyed her feelings after she came knocking on his door offering alcohol. Peter had already had his say; it wasn’t his turn. It was time for Olivia to step up and take the risk. Once the toast was over, what she said was simple and perfect: “Peter, what you said to Mrs. Merchant…I want what you want.”

After Peter wondered what they should do about that, they leaned in for a kiss. Once again, Olivia broke up the kiss and leaned back. But, this time, she didn’t see a glimmering Peter. She wasn’t afraid. And that knowledge — for both Peter and Olivia as well as the audience — was beyond beautiful. The two proceeded up the stairs, towards Peter’s bedroom and the credits then rudely interrupted to signal the end of “6B.”

Wow. I know there’s much pain and anguish ahead thanks to a certain development in the “over there” reality concerning FauxLivia’s current condition. For now, I’m just going to bask in the awesomeness of all that is Peter and Olivia and savor all the goodness we were given.

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