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Moment of Goodness

Castle’s Moment of Goodness: Castle Almost Confesses His Feelings, “Setup” 

Photo credit: ABC/Randy Holmes

I think we all long for the day when Castle and Beckett are together. I really want that for them but I don’t (currently) mind the obstacle in the way. I mean, I can’t be mad at Victor Webster being on the show. He’s very nice eye candy and represents such a great obstacle; he’s delightfully delicious. He’s no Castle, but I’ll allow it for now. My moment comes when Beckett has just described her perfect man, and it’s Castle.

But before Castle has the chance to tell Beckett how he feels, they are interrupted. Worst. Timing. Ever. Castle’s face screams it and before he can even recover from the radiation scare, the moment is over. There are so many things to like about this moment. As Esposito said, Beckett plays it very close to the vest. She’s not one to talk about her feelings or tell you something she doesn’t want you go know. But we know something’s going down because she’s been distracted and unhappy. When Josh shows up at the office, Castle still can’t get her to share. It isn’t until they’re in lockdown that Beckett is ready to spill. And it’s great news for Castle on two fronts. First, Josh is going to Haiti as part of Doctors Without Borders. So he’ll be out of Beckett’s life for who knows how long. And second, Beckett tells Castle the very thing that attracted her in the beginning is now driving them apart. She admits to having one foot out of this relationship the whole time she’s been in it. She wants someone who can be in it with her (like Castle), and to be there for someone who will also be there for her (like Castle). And then the fateful interrupt. D’oh. I was on the edge of my seat until that moment. Now that’s some goodness. I’ll take some more, please.

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