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Moment of Goodness

Moment of Goodness: Russell Betrays Lydia, Southland “Sideways” 

Photo Credit: TNT

“Sideways” was an explosive episode of Southland. Regina King as Detective Lydia Adams stands out in every scene she is in. As Lydia, she is a dogged, passionate detective who is all about victim’s rights and finding the bad guys. This mindset hasn’t always benefited her personally as she is always struggling in her dating life while her mother gets a lot of action. Another struggle she has experienced has been with partners ever since her best pal, Detective Russell Clarke, was shot in the head during the Season One finale. Russell has always been a little suspect because of some of his interactions with witnesses in the past. There have been some shady things they’ve revealed about him including his very shaky marriage that ultimately ended in divorce. Lydia has always been a staunch supporter of Russell and has stuck with him through his recovery from his wounds. Unfortunately, their friendship was about to be tested big time.Back in the episode “Cop or Not,” Lydia took pictures at the crime scene at a high profile celebrity’s house during the course of the investigation. At the end of the episode, she found out the pictures she took were sold to a tabloid. As a result, she is being investigated. Russell, who works as a secretary to the Chief of Police, showed up at the crime scene as a liaison.

During the course of “Sideways,” she finds out that she is being suspended with pay because of what’s happened. Lydia is aware this is a high profile case so she’s upset she’s being discredited. She ends up hanging out with Russell and vents to him about how discouraged she’s feeling because her reputation is being ruined by something she would never do. Russell has encouraging words and acts as a support for his former partner. Thankfully, he doesn’t stay quiet for too long. After ‘fessing up to the Chief and getting fired; Russell then confesses to Lydia at the end of the episode. That moment is made all the more sad because the person to stab Lydia in the back is her own best friend. When she tells him she really doesn’t know him, it’s heartbreaking because she believed in him so much and he really let her down. It was a powerful scene that Regina King totally owned.

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