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Guest Star Goodness

It Was So Good To See You (Week of Feb. 28th) 

Despite it being March and the start of repeats on the major networks, there were a few shining moments in terms of great guest stars on the TV dramas this past week.

Monday February 28

Ray Wise

Starting over on NBC’s Chuck on Monday, there was legendary actor Ray Wise, who appeared as the Volkoff attorney. Most TV viewers will recognize him from his turns on the cult classic Twin Peaks as well as more recently on the CW series Reaper.

Monica Keena

On the conclusion of the two-part episode of ABC’s Castle, actress Monica Keena had a small role in the story about a massive hunt for nefarious bombers set on destroying New York City. Monica is best known for her role in the popular WB series Dawson’s Creek, but she also appeared in the short-lived Judd Apatow series Undeclared.

Tuesday March 1

K Callan

Over on CBS’ NCIS, K Callan showed up briefly as the wife of a Naval officer who was pilfered for all his money by the “Bernie Madoff” meets “Leona Helmsley” of the Navy – a wealthy financier name Leona Phelps, who was played by Poltergeist star JoBeth Williams. K Callan is best known for her role as Martha Kent in the ABC series Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman.

Photo Credit: Cliff Lipson/CBS

Meanwhile, JoBeth Williams has appeared in the TV adaptation of the book and film The Client and more recently in Dexter and Private Practice.

Photo Credit: David Giesbrecht/USA Network

On USA Network’s White Collar, actor Richard Schiff showed up as wealthy business owner who was running a dangerous collusion scheme that forced Peter and Neal to masquerade as each other. Obviously, he is best known for his long-running role on the political drama The West Wing; but he has also appeared in Roswell, The Cape, Burn Notice and the short-lived series Past Life.

Wednesday March 2

On Wednesday night’s episode of Justified on FX, two familiar faces showed up in this violent episode about Rachel’s (series regular Erica Tazel) brother-in-law, Clinton, who went on a rampage in order to see his son.

Chadwick Boseman

Actor Chadwick Boseman appeared as an old friend of Clinton who ended up a victim of the crossfire between Clinton and the US marshals. Chadwick has appeared in the now defunct ABC Family Channel series Lincoln Heights as well as the short-lived NBC series Persons Unknown.

Steven Flynn

Also in that same episode was actor Steven Flynn, who appeared as the former head of a drug empire for which Raylan Givens (series star Timothy Olyphant) is investigating. Steven has appeared in shows such as (the original) Melrose Place, The Pretender, Ally McBeal, ER and JAG. More recently he has appeared in Lincoln Heights, Medium and Grey’s Anatomy.

Thursday March 3

Peter MacNicol. Photo Credit: Alan Zenuk/USA Network

When Fairly Legal aired Thursday night, among the guest stars was actor Peter MacNicol, who was the judge presiding over the illegal immigrant/identity theft case for which Kate Reed (series star Sarah Shahi) was handling. Peter is best known for his roles in Chicago Hope, Ally McBeal and 24; but has most recently been seen in Numb3rs and Grey’s Anatomy.

Ryan Kennedy. Photo Credit: Alan Zenuk/USA Network

Also in that episode was actor Ryan Kennedy, who played the military officer of the woman involved in the identity theft case. Ryan has appeared in episodes of Smallville, V, Sanctuary, Flashpoint and Psych (among others). Most recently he has been seen in Hellcats and Caprica.

Friday March 4

Warwick Davis. Photo Credit: Syfy

Lastly, on the Friday night episode of Merlin, well-known actor Warwick Davis showed up as a magical being who helped Arthur (series regular Bradley James) in his quest to prove his worth as the future king of Camelot. Warwick is best known for his role in the Harry Potter films as well as the Leprechaun horror flicks and the films Willow, Ray, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy and the made-for-TV movie The 10th Kingdom.

Considering that March is normally the month where very little new is shown on primetime, it was great to see these many great faces in my favorite shows.

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