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We Need to Know: What the Hell Happened to Glee? 

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Here at TV Goodness we usually only talk about shows we love. Sometimes we get frustrated though, and have to vent. Prepare yourselves.

What started out as a delightful, off-beat, wonderful guilty pleasure show – the little show that could called Glee – with endearing underdog characters like Artie (Kevin McHale), Tina (Jenna Ushkowitz) and Kurt (Chris Colfer), larger-than-life divas like Rachel (Lea Michele) and Mercedes (Amber Riley) and adorable beyond belief teacher Mr. Schu (Matthew Morrison) – that quickly turned into a worldwide phenomenon, making singing and dancing cool again, selling out concert halls, racking up huge iTunes sells and making its cast household names – has, regretfully, turned into a really bad parody of its former self.

What the hell happened to Glee?  Is it that the show’s overall appeal has gone to the heads of the creative team?  Are they simply bored and can no longer come up with touching, quirky storylines like in the first season?

After watching this week’s episode, which for some reason actually seemed to get good reviews by some of my peers in the world of entertainment reporting (Why, I don’t know!), I was finally screaming at my TV, “What in the world have they done to my show?”

Am I the only one who has become increasingly disappointed in this show?  Am I the only one who can only tolerate most of the musical numbers and very little else?  How can the cast even bear to act out the scripts that are being written for them over the last year?  And, what the hell have they done to Sue Sylvester?  Yes, she was supposed to be the antagonist, but they have literally turned her into a raving lunatic who is a dangerous loose cannon.  This is not the Glee I fell in love with last season.

Please, Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchuk, and the rest of the creative team at Glee – get your heads out of your – well, you know where I mean, right? – getting this show back to the Glee that was that wonderfully delightful series that was my guilty pleasure every week.  I will gladly take countless Journey songs, hell even jazz hands – but I will NOT put up with these ridiculous relationship hook-ups that are bordering on salaciousness that even the most anti-Parents Television Council, non-supporter sick to their stomach.  I especially will not condone Justin Bieber-based storylines (regardless of the countless 12-year-olds who seem to think he is the next best thing to peanut butter) because it was nothing more than pandering to a pop culture icon who will find his 15 minutes of fame have come to an end once his voice has changed and he has grown into an adult.

Perhaps these are some harsh things to say about a show that I started out totally loving, and yes, it is a harsh thing to say about a popular teen-favorite singer, but to the adults who LOVE Glee, we want to see our favorite show returned to its former glory.  Is that too much to ask?

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