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We Need To Know: When did McGee find out about Tony’s Rota Job Offer on NCIS? 

Photo Credit: Ron P. Jaffe/ CBS

Maybe it’s just me, but, I didn’t think anyone knew Director Jenny Shepard offered Tony the lead agent position in the Rota, Spain office back in Season 4. At the time, Dinozzo told Jenny to keep it between them. Then, a season later, the Director was killed. Am I just not remembering? Because, in this week’s “Defiance,” McGee talked to Ziva about it like it has been common knowledge for some time. If it has been common knowledge, I’d like to have seen it myself. Because, one of the scenes I thought was painful back in the day, happened in “Singled Out.” Gibbs had recently returned from his “hiatus,” complete with a moustache and had just shoved Tony’s things off his desk and reclaimed his position as leader of the team. To this day, it’s one of my least favorite Gibbs moments.

Anyway, there was a bit of an adjustment period Tony had to go through. He was no longer leader. He had to convince people to stop going to him first; he had to stop acting like he was in charge, which was hard for him to do. And one night, he was on the phone and was trying to get Tim’s help on something, only he was calling McGee his least favorite nickname ever: “Probie.” Tim didn’t react to being beckoned by this insulting name, considering he’d been Tony’s Senior Special Agent while Gibbs was “retired.” When Tony hung up the phone, he confronted his colleague. It turned out McGee didn’t think Dinozzo rated his own team even though he had led them for months and their close rate never went down. If he did rate his own team, Tony wouldn’t still be around. So, in my mind, that’s where things were left. When did Tony finally let the cat out of the bag? Was this something that happened on screen or off screen? And if it did happen off screen, I’m kind of disappointed in that. I know the whole Rota thing comes up later this season; I was wondering if this “secret” was finally going to be revealed then. Guess not.

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