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Moment of Goodness

Moment of Goodness: Bones and Booth Spend Valentine’s Day Together 

Photo Credit: FOX

Neither Booth nor Brennan is in any mood to celebrate this made up holiday. If anything, Valentine’s Day should be commemorated for the massacre of St. Valentine. Booth has no interest in talking about Hannah and although Brennan receives many offers from a number of suitors, she’s in no mood to be affectionate or amorous. With attitudes like that, Bones and Booth are each other’s perfect Valentine’s dates.

Cam is determined to get out of the lab in time for Valentine’s Day. Paul has something special planned and she’s not going to let a little thing like murder stop her from going on a date with her boyfriend. After she sets up a countdown clock, everyone in the lab knows she’s serious and they all hustle to solve the mystery. Which they do, while scrambling to come up with the perfect V-Day gifts (well Clark and Jack do, at least).

More interesting than the case (although I enjoyed it), is what’s going on with Booth and Brennan. In the last episode Booth made it very clear he’s only looking for friendship from Bones and I get it. Booth is disappointed and he’s not ready to risk his heart again, no matter what Bones says she feels for him. He’s got to take some time to mourn and come to terms with what happened with Hannah. He’s just not ready – at least for anything romantic. He is, however, ready to celebrate the day with gunfire. When Bones joins him at the shooting range with guns from the Roaring 20s exhibit, Booth couldn’t be happier. This is the way he wanted to spend the day and it’s a bonus that he can spend it with Bones. Although not an ideal Valetine’s Day situation, I’ll take it because at least they’re together.

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