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Character Development: Archer Reveals His 3 Biggest Fears to Lana…And Also His Man-Crush on Burt Reynolds 

Photo credit: FX

Although Archer says Burt Reynolds is his spirit guide, Lana nails it when she calls Archer on his man crush. I mean, what guy knows that much information about another guy unless he secretly wants to be best friends with him? Or wants to be him? It makes me laugh. A lot. I hope Lana never lets him live it down.

And while Archer has to drag the airboat through the swamp after blowing the engine, he lets it slip that he’s just faced his three biggest fears. Lana, somewhat sedate after her shot of morphine, keeps asking him what they are. At first, Archer is hesitant to share but she eventually wears him down. You know how she can be. His fears are:

1. Alligators. He’s memorized every fatal attack in the US but he can’t find any information for China, which is relevant because they also live there. Chinese gators are smaller but apparently they’re bellies are fully armored. That’s according to Archer, of course.

2. Crocodiles. They live in the Everglades, which is quite far from New Orleans but one was found in the surf at Myrtle Beach. How is that even remotely close to NoLa, aka The Crescent City, aka The Big Easy? The Everglades are closer. I guess it doesn’t have to be valid to be a biggest fear.

3. Brain Aneurysms. They can happen to anywhere at any time. That’s why they’re so scary.

Have I mentioned how much I love this how?

p.s. How funny is it that Archer thinks The African Queen was Audrey (actually Katharine) Hepburn? Hilarious. Seriously.

p.p.s. Lana will never have to eat humble pie with a side of crow. She’s always right when it comes to Archer and his screw ups.

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