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Speculate This: NCIS and the End of Season Eight 

Speculate This is a new feature that tries to figure out what’s going to happen next on our favorite TV shows. In this first article, Tina Charles tries to figure out what’s going to go down at the end of this current season of CBS’ NCIS. This is all pure speculation. No facts. We do not have any inside information. We may stumble on to some speculation that may prove to be spoilerrific. You’ve been warned.

Photo Credit: Ron P. Jaffe/ CBS

 I watched “Defiance” and loved the episode, by the way. But, did you notice how Vance is on the warpath again? When did this happen? I remember a time when Gibbs and the Director were playing nice; they seemed to develop a general respect for each other, although maybe not so much for their respective methods. But, this season, things seem to be heading for something epic — will the collateral damage be Gibbs’ team? The last time Leon was acting this surly, was when he first became head of NCIS. And what did he do? He split them up. This action transitioned McGee from Major Case Response Team to Cyber Crimes; eliminated Ziva’s liaison position which sent her back to Israel; gave Tony a one-way ticket to Agent Afloat duty; and it also resulted in Vance assigning Gibbs a new team. I feel like something big is brewing and it may end up with another separation. Don’t know if Abby would be able to take another one of those.

In “Defiance,” the ex-marine was up to his old tricks. NCIS seemed relegated to low-man-on-the totem-pole status when in this huge case involving international relations, they were given protection duty. Not of the Belgravian Defense Minister who was in D.C. to sign a treaty. Not of the key aides in the Belgravian government. Oh no, the protection duty was for the Defense Minister’s daughter. Ouch. But, leave it up to Leroy Jethro Gibbs to not only take on the bodyguard duty, but to go under-the-radar and investigate the death of the marine guard that was killed in the failed assassination attempt outside the U.S. Embassy in Belgravia. I love him for that. Gibbs follows his own set of rules and he doesn’t care if he has to go around the FBI or Director Vance to do it. And he fosters that same mentality in his team.

Photo Credit: Ron P. Jaffe/ CBS

Of course, that kind of mindset isn’t going to make you any allies. And, after Tim and Tony blow their protection duty and the daughter was “kidnapped,” it feels like NCIS is in even deeper you-know-what. It doesn’t help that the team is not-so-subtly talking about their future. Ziva asks McGee how long he thinks the team’s going to be together. McGee’s been part of Gibbs’ team for seven years. Tony for at least ten years, maybe more, who knows. Even Ziva’s been part of the gang for over five years. In the real world, people get promoted or they get other jobs. McGee even talks about how Tony turned down the Rota gig four years ago and there’s no way he can do that again. I wonder if this blown protection detail serves as a way to explain Tim and Tony not moving onward and upward at NCIS? Or is it just more fuel for the fire to break the team up once again? There has been a lot of talk about the past lately. There has to be a reason.

Photo Credit: CBS

Regardless, Vance isn’t a happy camper these days. He’s not even trying to understand Gibbs and his team. He’s privy to things he’s not talking about, which makes me wonder what in the world is going to go down at the end of the season. I’m very curious to watch this second half of the season. After a Season Six finale that was heavy on Ziva’s issues; and a Season Seven finale that was heavy into Gibbs’ tragic past; I’m ready for the team to take front-and-center as Season Eight draws to a close. Would something like Vance splitting up the team happen again? Or something worse? I don’t know what “worse” would be. Another group taking their place as the golden team, possibly? Which means our guys would be demoted? Just a few thoughts…

Some more wild, off the charts, speculation (warning for potential spoiler alert): I know this will probably be an unpopular prediction, but I’m wondering if Ziva secretly marries Ray and leaves the team thinking she needs to be with her husband full-time (but don’t worry, this speculation includes Ziva being back on the team in Season Nine). In “A Man Walks Into a Bar,” she talked about wanting something permanent. In some circles, marriage is considered to be as permanent as you can get. But she’s pretty much mentioning Ray in every episode. This relationship she’s having with him is clearly more than a friendship. Tony and Ziva have nothing going on between them right now. I did read a blind item about someone secretly getting married so that got me thinking, I’m not going to lie. Although, no worries, I really don’t think she’s the answer to that Blind Item. But, this speculation is just that, pure speculation and not based on anything but a passing thought while watching “Defiance.” I wonder when we’re going to meet this Ray? Ziva’s had a lot of pain in her life, especially the last couple of years, she deserves to have some happiness. Someone on this team does. It’s kind of depressing how they’re all so lonely and unattached.

What do you guys think will happen at the end of the season?

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