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Character Development: Kalinda Has a Husband 

Photo Credit: CBS

I know I’ve said it before and it bears (constantly) repeating: I really love Blake and Kalinda together. Their cat-and-mouse game hasn’t been predictable or boring. Their sexual tension has been enjoyable and believable from the moment they met. I have no problem that they’re trying to take each other down. It just makes it that much hotter. Things get close to naked this week (again, I’m on board and loving it) until the moment Kalinda takes a bat to Blake. But I’m glad he got to say what he really wanted to say during their extended game of truth or dare: He called her husband.

Let’s back it up for a moment. The state’s attorney’s office is investigating both Kalinda and Blake. Cary does his best to warn Kalinda but Blake isn’t so lucky. His place is searched and an incriminating email is found linking him to Bishop. Not good for Blake or the firm. Blake assumes it’s Kalinda’s handiwork so they get in a room together and promise to tell each other nothing but the truth. After they search each other for guns and wires, they get down to business and call a truce…until Kalinda hits Blake with the bat. Despite that, I think their truce might hold. It depends on what Blake talked to Kalinda’s husband about.

Photo Credit: CBS

Beyond that, it’s always nice to get a little more insight into Kalinda. She picks her sexual partners like she picks her meals – it depends on what she’s in the mood for. She doesn’t distinguish between male and female and she’s not looking for real intimacy with either. Part of me thinks it’s all about what Kalinda can get out them. While that’s extremely jaded, that’s really all we’ve seen from Kalinda. She had a real connection with Lili Taylor’s Donna Seabrook, but it seems like that’s the last time she really let herself feel something. I’m under no illusions about this thing with Blake. I think it’s hot but it won’t leave a lasting impression on either of them (assuming Blake fully recovers from the bat injury). I would like to see Kalinda fall in love but I wonder if she’d be as good at her job if she was happy. That would be interesting to see.

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