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Moment of Goodness

Raising Hope’s Moment of Goodness: Burt Touches Hot Things 

Photo Credit: FOX

Burt claims he could’ve been as rich as those Jackass guys if he’d had a video camera when he was younger. He claims to have done all of their stunts first. He’s driven a lawnmower into a pool. He’s had a matchbox car inside him (not on purpose). The point is Jimmy bringing that video camera home is giving Burt ideas and that’s never a good thing. I did, however, laugh out loud when Burt started touching hot things. I couldn’t help myself.

First it’s putting his hand down on the hot stove. Next it’s putting his hand in the toaster, as if it were a piece of bread. And finally it’s putting his hand in steaming hot water from the facet, then turning it on cold but forgetting it takes a moment to cool down. Seriously funny. I’m such a fan of Garret Dillahunt’s comedic timing/instincts. He makes me laugh every week. What was your favorite moment from “A Germ of an Idea?”

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