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Character Development: Sam Becomes a Bieliber…In Himself 

Photo Credit: FOX

I think it’s adorable that Sam thinks no one is more rock n roll than Justin Bieber. It’s so cute that he turns himself into The Ultimate Bieber Experience for Quinn. It was impressive when he stopped lying to himself (with Santana’s help) about what really happened between Quinn and Finn. Even though he’s not that smart, does bad impressions, and talks in Na’vi he doesn’t deserve to be cheated on.

I am one of those people who thinks Justin Bieber looks like a 12-year old girl. But I’m not saying he’s not talented. I love pop music (LOVE IT) and I really enjoyed the two Bieber selections the guys performed. I wouldn’t say I’m a convert or even that I have Bieber Fever but I will say I get why millions of little girls worship him. He’s adorable. But what does this all mean for Sam? His decision to go for it with abandon impressed all the girls, most notably his girlfriend. Although Sue Sylvester wouldn’t categorize Justin Bieber’s songs as anthems, they do speak to the heart. And about the heart. Even though all the guys in glee scoffed at Sam’s musical inspiration at first, they soon came around. You saw Puck’s Bieber hair, right? It was awesome. There’s just something about the Biebs. I don’t question it; I just go with it.

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