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Guest Star Goodness

It Was So Good To See You (Week of February 7th) 

Photo Credit: NBC
Pruitt Taylor Vince

The new NBC series The Cape may be on its last legs not only because of its less than stellar ratings but also because of the network’s recent decision to cut its episode order, but I have to admit that the show did get one thing right. It cast actor Pruitt Taylor Vince as part of a brother assassination team. Pruitt has a long resume of guest starring roles in TV shows such as Deadwood, Murder One, Touching Evil, Alias, CSI and House as well as the box office movies Constantine and Natural Born Killers (among many others).

Clare Carey

On Monday night, actress Clare Carey appeared in two shows: Chuck and Castle. In Chuck, she was once again appeared as Alex’s mom – and Casey’s former fiancée. While she was only seen in one scene, getting into a van along with an unidentified man, Morgan and Alex, it was still good to see her again. Just a few hours later, she showed up as a guest star on Castle, playing the recently widowed spouse of a lottery winner who was found murdered in his New York apartment. Clare has a long resume appearing in TV shows such as NCIS: Los Angeles, CSI: Miami, Criminal Minds, the cable series Crash as well as the short-lived fan favorite Jericho.

Photo Credit: USA Network

Then on Wednesday, legendary actor Billy Dee Williams of Star Wars fame made a special guest appearance on the USA Network series White Collar as a friend and associate of June (Diahann Carroll) and her late husband.

Jake Weber

Lastly, on the season finale of Human Target, Chance and his team were being hunted by a rogue FBI agent played by actor Jake Weber. His character was responsible for the murder of Isla Pucci’s husband, but he ended up at the mercy of Guerrero, who ended his life after threatening Guerrero’s son. As most TV viewers know, Jake was a regular on the long-running series Medium, but he also appeared in the box office movies Dawn of the Dead, Meet Joe Black and Pushing Tin as well as the short-lived series American Gothic.

Let’s see what awaits us next week in terms of great guest star casting.

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