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Moment of Goodness

Moment of Goodness: Bonnie and Jeremy Kiss, The Vampire Diaries 

Photo Credit: Quantrell D. Colbert/The CW

Bonnie and Jeremy have been circling each other for a while. They’ve been flirting; Jeremy has been seriously crushing on his sister’s best friend and the feeling has been mutual. They tried to throw us off with Luka around. However, slowly but surely, Bonnie opened herself up to the possibility that she could go for Jeremy.

It’s so weird, last season, I never would have thought of Bonnie and Jeremy as a couple. Not even for a second. Fast forward to Season Two and it’s an entirely different story. I sort of had the same thought process as Bonnie. To me, he was always Elena’s little brother. Right around the time of the “Masquerade” episode, things turned around for me. Steven R. McQueen (along with his character of Jeremy Gilbert), looked spectacularly hot. I realized he wasn’t just “little brother” anymore; I realized he could be a viable guy for Bonnie. After all, she really hasn’t had anyone serious the entire series.

Bonnie had the same epiphany:

“You’re Elena’s little brother. I’ve known you forever. You’re that punk kid. I remember your awkward phase; and then your emo phase; your druggie phase. Overnight, you turned into this hot guy who’s really sweet and…” (Jeremy: “You think I’m hot?”)

For a second, she tried to push off their inevitable hook-up until another time; but that hot, sweet guy wasn’t having it. He simply countered with, “Enough already” and went in for a passionate kiss.

I honestly didn’t think an intimate moment like this would have happened this soon. I really thought the show was going to make us Bonnie/Jeremy fans wait a long, long time before they admitted their mutual crushes. I loved how they momentarily stopped, and in awe Bonnie said, “Wow.” Then they went back in for seconds. That’s how you get two characters together. It was over the course of half a season. So, this Moment of Kiss-y Goodness was supremely satisfying.

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