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Character Development: Sam’s Soul Won’t Let Him Leave, Supernatural 

Photo Credit: The CW

Although Soulless Sam was a superior hunter, he wasn’t a very good human being. He never thought about consequences, only concerned himself with the getting the job done, and didn’t care if there were casualties on the job. That’s not the Sammy I know and love so part of me was very glad when Dean managed to convince Death to put Sam’s soul back (with a trusty wall to keep Sam sane and alive). Tonight we get another glimpse at some of the things Soulless Sam did and it ain’t pretty.

Sam is determined to make things right. He only knows a little of what he did in the year and a half he had no soul and he’s pretty keen to repent. The problem with having no memory of past transgressions is that you’re walking around blind. Sam doesn’t know where he’s been, what he’s done, or who he’s hurt.  What he does know if that women are missing in Bristol and he wants to investigate. As he and Dean enter town Sam starts getting flashbacks; he’s been here before. He gets bits and pieces and they eventually lead him and Dean to the evil. But that’s not the most interesting part of the story for me.

Seeing just what he was capable of sans soul is really taking a toll on Sam. He’s seeing how ruthless and manipulative he was (and also extremely horny; I guess if you don’t ever have to sleep you have to find some way to occupy your time).  But more than that, he’s realizing that in his haste to close this case he made some fatal errors in judgment. In Roy’s words, Sam killed one monster but made so many more. And who knows how many more monsters those monsters made. Sam and Dean take care of Roy, but it’s cold comfort.

I can see how this would torture Sam. He knows he’s made these mistakes yet there’s not too much he can do about it. He doesn’t remember where he’s been or what he’s done and I’m thinking the boys aren’t that interested in reconnecting with Samuel – at least for now. And now that Sam’s wall seems to be irreparably scratched, it might be just a matter of time before Hell comes crashing through. I hope Sam can make some peace with the past and right some wrongs before that happens. I guess we’ll have to wait and see. I don’t know about you, but I’m happy this Sam is back; I missed him. I don’t ever want to see Soulless Sam again.

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