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We Need To Know: Why Isn’t Sharif Atkins a Series Regular on White Collar? 

With the recent news that actress Hilarie Burton, formerly one of the stars on One Tree Hill, is being moved up to series regular on the popular USA Network’s White Collar, a question has arisen: why isn’t actor Sharif Atkins a series regular on the show?

As anyone who watches the show knows, Sharif has been portraying FBI agent Clifton Jones since the beginning of the series in October 2009. He has appeared in all but one episode of White Collar and most recently, his character was finally brought into the fold, learning about the music box as well as Neal and Peter’s hunt into who killed Kate.

It would, then, stand to reason that since Jones is now included in Burke’s Seven — in a recent episode Neal, Mozzie, Diana, Sara, Jones and Elizabeth all helped Peter get his job back — and is on board with all the known details behind Kate’s death and the ongoing investigation into who caused her death, wouldn’t it make sense to give Sharif the opportunity to be a series regular?

After all, actress Marsha Thomason, who plays Diana Barrigan, is a series regular and has only appeared in 15 of the 27 episodes that have aired thus far. And now Hilarie Burton — who has appeared in 3 episodes — is a series regular. Doesn’t it seem only right that Sharif Atkins get to be one too?

So c’mon USA Network: do the right thing and give Sharif Atkins the bump up in status by making him a series regular.

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  1. Mikey

    I am so happy you mentioned this. I am so late. But this pisses me off. Jones has been in every episode. Why isn’t he in the intro?

    1. Christine Bonaventure

      Agreed! I am rewatching this series on Netflix, and I notice this as well/

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