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We Need to Know: Why Does Booth Keep Proposing to the Wrong Women on Bones? 

Photo Credit: Ray Mickshaw/FOX

I’ll admit it: I didn’t think Booth would actually go through with it. He got pressured into buying a ring by Sweets and I thought he’d come to his senses before proposing. We all know Booth is a good guy, a great guy. He’s always going to do the right thing. In the case of Rebecca, that was proposing when she got pregnant. In this case, it was proposing to Hannah since he had the ring. Even though she told him multiple times that she wasn’t the marrying kind, Booth proposes to Hannah anyway. Part of him had to know he was setting himself up for heartbreak.

The good news for all the Hannah-haters out there is she’s out of his life, at least for now. Hannah acknowledges that they’re done for now, but she doesn’t think they’re done. I think they’re done. And it’s not as though I expected Booth to turn around and be ready for something with Brennan so quickly, but he gives her pretty crappy choices after he and Hannah break up. She can either have a drink with him and commiserate – as his friend – or she can get a new partner. Ouch. I’d choose commiseration as well.

And what is so wrong with Booth? Even though he feels like he’s ready to settle down he keeps falling for the wrong women. First there was Rebecca. She knew they weren’t right together, even with a baby on the way. She refused to let him pressure her into marriage. Next there was Bones. We all know what happened there. Booth was ready to take a chance but Brennan was too scared. Too scared to let herself love him and too scared to mess it up if she did. After that was Hannah. Relationships forged in high-stress situations (such as war) have a way of flaming out, and that happens spectacularly here.  But I don’t think Hannah is the bad guy. If you keep telling someone you don’t want to get married and they propose anyway? You really shouldn’t be surprised when they say no. I love Booth and think he’s usually great at reading people, but his instincts were way off here.

I think with some time and distance he’ll see Bones for what she is: the love of his life. I think he needs to heal and maybe even spend some time on his own. He can lose himself in work, spend time with his kid, and heal. Then it’ll be time for Booth and Brennan. I can’t wait.

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