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Moment of Goodness

Community Moment of Goodness: Troy Ditches Mariah After She Insults Abed 

Photo Credit: Lewis Jacobs/NBC

One of my favorite parts of Community is the bromance between Troy and Abed. They share the kickers at the end of the episode together; they make blanket forts together; they generally have each other’s backs. That is why I enjoyed them so thoroughly during “Early 21st Century Romanticism.” They each liked the same girl and wanted to ask her to the dance. They did so in the most un-competitive way possible. After all, feelings were at stake and they didn’t want their friendship to hurt. I loved the girl’s reaction after they approached her with the logical proposition of both wanting her to be their date: “We need to get something straight first. This is the cutest thing that’s ever happened to me.” (Troy and Abed quickly high five)

The plan is for all three to meet at the dance and after getting to know them, she decides which one she wants to meet again. At the dance, Abed apparently tries to woo Mariah with his analysis of the Saw franchise; while Troy shows off his seriously crazy, yet oddly sexy, dance moves. In the end, she chooses Troy. Abed takes it like a man and leaves the situation quickly. Troy asks Mariah why she didn’t choose Abed. Ultimately, even though he’s great friendship material, he’s romantically unsuitable because he’s weird.

Photo Credit: Lewis Jacobs/NBC

Troy realizes his date wasn’t meant to be and he goes after this best friend. And, once again, all seems right with the world. I don’t know, it’s just so refreshing for two friends not to throw each other under the bus just to be with a woman. Every other sitcom would be the whole cliché: two friends want the same woman; they compete for her affection thereby damaging their relationship. It’s all temporary, of course, because in the end the best buds realize a woman shouldn’t come between a friendship. Not Troy and Abed. They know their friendship is more important up front and without question and they accept each other for all their quirks. As long as they have each other, everything’s OK. Sounds a little sappy, but Community tends to go down the sappy road every once in a while and I love them for it.

Dialogue of Goodness:

Mariah: “Troy, I would love to be his friend.”
Troy: “I know you would, it’s incredible.”

Troy: “There’s someone out there for us.”
Abed: “Happy Valentine’s Day.”
Troy: “It is now.”

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