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Character Development: Tyler’s Loyalties Divided, The Vampire Diaries 

Photo Credit: Bob Mahoney/The CW

Tyler has been going through a lot of changes lately and I understand that he doesn’t know who to trust or where to turn. Even though Caroline has been there for him (even if she’s hasn’t been entirely truthful), she deserves more loyalty than he’s given her. On the other hand, Jules know exactly what Tyler’s going through but it’s not like she’s been entirely forthcoming either. Everyone has their own agenda and Tyler’s caught in the middle.

Everyone is looking for the moonstone to break the sun and the moon curse. Whoever breaks it – either the vampires or the werewolves – will have an advantage over the other. The vampires will be able to walk in the day or the werewolves can control their transformation. Either way, having the moonstone is advantageous and both groups are willing to kill to get it.

Even though Tyler’s a werewolf he doesn’t know who to trust, especially since he keeps getting lied to. After finding out Caroline knew what really happened to Mason, Tyler’s understandably upset. He’s not sure he can trust her or any of her vampire friends so he sides with the werewolves. The only wrinkle there is that they know Elena has to die in the ceremony and they fail to mention that to Tyler. But when it comes down to it, Tyler is loyal to the one person he’s known since birth: Elena. And it’s nice to see that. I won’t call Tyler a bitch (because it’s a bit disrespectful and rude) but I will say he was getting pretty wishy-washy there. I don’t know too much about Jules but I don’t like her. I hope she can help Tyler learn more about himself and help him as he goes through all these changes. And I hope Tyler doesn’t stay away too long. I love his dynamic with Caroline. Matt’s great but there’s some real – and forbidden – heat with Tyler.

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