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Character Development: Britta Has a Lesbian Friend Who Isn’t a Lesbian, Community 

Photo credit: NBC

I love Britta and her causes. This week she’s all about her cool, lesbian friend Paige. Now, Britta doesn’t know Paige is actually gay. She makes an assumption because it would be homophobic – according to both Britta and Paige – to ask. Britta and Paige decide to go the Valentine’s Day dance together to make a statement. It seems like people are staring at and talking about them so they also decide to kiss on the dance floor to make another statement. It’s only after their public display of affection that they realize neither one of them is actually a friend of Ellen.

Annie has questions once she discovers Britta has a gay friend. She wants to know if Britta is comfortable taking her clothes off in front of Paige. But Britta comes down pretty hard on Annie about being homophobic, something Britta absolutely is not. She would never imagine asking questions like that. Since Britta clearly thinks it’s cool to have a friend who’s a lesbian, she does very little to actually verify that fact. It’s classic Britta and that’s why I love her. She’s just reinforcing who she is by being so politically correct and I love that Annie plays along with it. In fact, Annie is willing to kiss Britta to prove she’s not homophobic either. But Britta’s not willing to take it that far. Maybe it’s time for Britta to find another pet project. I’m sure she’ll find a new one next week. 

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