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We Need To Know: What happened to Tony’s Mom? Are We Ever Going to Find Out? 

Photo Credit: Monty Brinton/CBS

Once again, Tony admitted his mom died when he was eight. We’ve heard this before (“Flesh and Blood“). Isn’t it about time we learn how she died? I’ve been wondering this for a long, long time. We’ve dealt so much with this character’s daddy issues; I’m hoping we get to his mommy issues soon. If not this season, I’m hoping it’s next season. Would love that with a lot of the NCIS characters, actually. Enough with the patriarchal problems. Time for the mothers to take front and center. But, with Tony, I’m intrigued because what if the reason he became a cop is because of how his mom died? I’m totally reaching here, but it’s definitely a possibility. Dear NCIS: Please tackle this subject sooner rather than later, pretty please? I know Michael Weatherly would have a field day with this plot development. And I think we’d even get a better understanding of Very Special Agent Tony Dinozzo.

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