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Glee: A Break Down, Couple Style 

Photo Credit: Michael Yarish/FOX

Valentine’s Day. What does it mean to you? For some it means happiness, for others it’s heartache. In “Silly Love Songs,” we see some couples going strong, new couples being matched, and old couples questioning if they should be together or apart.

Quinn and Sam

Just like Ryan Murphy, I’m bored with these two. Yes, they make an adorable couple but I don’t feel like we know enough about Sam for us to see what Quinn sees in him. She says she wants to be in love with him, but why? Does she think he’s right for her or is he merely a safe choice? Considering what she went through last year, maybe she wants to keep her heart safe.

Rachel and Finn

I know they’ll be together again some day so in the meantime I’m enjoying their time apart. It’s really sweet when Finn gives Rachel her Christmas present. He still believes in her even though they’re not together, which is really important for Rachel to hear. Of course Finn still has feelings for Rachel. He always will. But I think this time apart will be good for Rachel. I want to see her grow up a little before they get back together.

Quinn and Finn

I’m not gonna lie; I like these two together. But I have a problem with Finn making Quinn a cheater. Has Finn learned nothing? He was so hurt when both Quinn and Rachel cheated on him and now he’s putting Sam in the same situation? I’m glad Quinn calls Finn on it. Despite that, I wouldn’t mind seeing these two together again but not until Quinn is unattached.

Puck and Lauren

I didn’t really see this one coming, and neither did Santana (or maybe anyone else in the glee club). I like that Lauren is such a badass that she’s making Puck work for it. His usual isn’t good enough so he’s having to think of new and creative ways to woo Lauren. I like that.

Kurt and Blaine

They both seem to live with their heads in the clouds, but maybe that’s what makes them perfect for each other. I am loving me some Blaine, so I think he can be nothing but good for Kurt. They’ve never had boyfriends so they’ll be each other’s firsts, and there’s something so sweet and refreshing about that.

Artie and Brittany & Mike and Tina

Adorable. No drama there (for now), which is nice.

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