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Smallville “Collateral” 

Photo Credit: Marcel Williams/The CW

Previously on Smallville:

In the battle for justice against the Vigilante Registration Act, Hawkman has courageously given his life.  The Justice League gathers to pay their final respects to their fallen comrade when they fall to the ground unconscious…is this the end for our rag tag band of heroes?

Of course not…they’re contractually obligated to finish out the season.  Come on now…use your head. But of course, the question isn’t “are they going to get out of this?”, but “HOW are they going to get out of this?”  The answer: the return of Chloe Sullivan.

This week’s episode, “Collateral,” showed our heroes trapped in a digital world where the rules of physics didn’t apply so long as you accepted that this digital world was real.  Wait…isn’t that the plot of The Matrix?  Not even like a little bit…isn’t that almost note for note the plot of The Matrix?  Yep…it sure is.  In fact, that’s all anybody is really talking about.  Let me be clear, they’re not trying to fool you.  They know damn well they’re ripping off The Matrix…but guess what…it worked! It was awesome!  From Chloe’s crazy Terminator 2-like entrance into Oliver’s cell and the ensuing slow-mo gun fight in the hallway…it just oozed cool.

It was such a relief to have Allison Mack back in the fold.  I don’t think I realized how much I missed her until she wasn’t there anymore.  Let’s face it, there’s nobody in show business who can recite monologues of nonsensical exposition with slightly out of date pop culture references like Allison Mack.  She’s got it down to an art form and it really just makes Smallville what it is. Besides, even Chloe haters can’t deny she looked amazing in that little white suit…

I enjoyed watching each of the characters realizing their world was fake and I really loved the aspect of Lois figuring it out, but staying to convince Clark to leave the virtual world with her. This show has done such a great job making me care about the relationship between Clark and Lois and I really think Erica brings out the best in Tom’s abilities.  Their scenes together always feel real to me.

One other aspect I liked was the reveal that Chloe was working with Deadshot and Rick Flag…for good!  A few episodes back Clark and Oliver had a confrontation with Rick Flag where it seemed like Rick was trying to sway them to the dark side…but now we know they were working for Chloe. It just adds a whole new dimension and scope to this huge conflict of the vigilantes and the government.

Some random thoughts I don’t feel like expanding into paragraphs:


Photo Credit: Marcel Williams/The CW

-          Dinah looks MUCH better with longer hair.  She looks less like Sue Sylvester now and actually somebody Oliver will SOMEDAY fall in love with (that’s right kids, check your comic book hjstory…Black Canary and Green Arrow shack up for a good while)

-          Lois says “I hate to break up this little TEA party”…so clearly Lois is a liberal (not very surprising)…but I’m pretty sure Clark being who he is votes conservatively. I don’t know why that popped into my head but hey…it spices up their relationship

-          Nobody tears up better than Allison Mack. In fact now that I think about it, she looks like she’s about to cry at least once in every episode she’s in

-          I never EVER thought I’d say this…but I miss Tess. I need me some Cassidy Freeman…oh man…everything I know about the world has changed…

-          I’m PRETTY sure Bart and A.C. were at Hawkman’s funeral and passed out with everybody else, but they weren’t even so much as mentioned in this episode.  Maybe they’re still in the Matrix?

So next week sees an alternate reality version of Lionel Luthor emerging in Metropolis.  I wonder what kind of damage this is going to do now that the public will think the rightful CEO of Luthorcorp is back.  It’s the home stretch and I can’t wait to see where this is all leading

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