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The Vampire Diaries “Daddy Issues” 

Photo Credit: Bob Mahoney/The CW

Okay, I broke up with V for the torture porn, but when it happens on The Vampire Diaries, I get pissed off. Especially because I’m not terribly keen on Caroline continuing to be the kick me toy. I so wanted her to just completely bitch out when Tyler freed her, first on him personally, then Jules, then Jules’ boyfriend. But I’m getting ahead of myself. The net net though is that I’m pretty sure any potential ship between Tyler and Caroline got blown completely to hell this week. In other news, Damon is so dirty after chomping on the gal last week that we have to endure him in a shower and a bathtub. Sigh.

So Jules has caught Tyler up on the Brothers Salvatore and Caroline’s role in Mason’s death, so Tyler shows up on Caroline’s lawn to ask her point blank and she stammers out the beginnings of an explanation before he slams her against her car, dials back the rage, and runs off. Caroline 911s Stefan and then he goes to see Tyler to try to talk him down, proposing a new vampire/wolf detente, if you will, but Tyler isn’t having it and he ekes out a call for help to Jules, which sets in motion a terrifying kidnapping for Caroline.

On the Elena front, Uncle Daddy says he’s back to keep her safe and she calls BS on that but he says too bad, he’s staying. He also drops the bomb on Jenna about who he really is to Elena. When she dwells on that with Alaric at the Grill, he acts like it’s news to him, too, and I was so waiting for her to come right out and ask him whether he had any idea, and to see whether we would lie, but she didn’t.

Damon gets brought into the Jules arc when Caroline’s essentially ransomed for Tyler. The wolf holding her in a cage kills the time while they wait for Tyler shooting her with wooden bullets while she begs him to stop. Stefan and Damon show up with Tyler in tow, and when the wolves try to stage a throwdown, the boys get the upper hand and then some once Elijah’s go-to warlock, Jonas, drops the wolves with a witchy dog whistle. Tyler tears into the RV where Caroline’s being held and then falters when she asks him to help her out of the cage. She pleads long enough to snap him out of it, he helps her out, and then she walks out of the woods with the Salvatores while all the wolves except Tyler are on the ground as Jonas essentially tells Tyler they’ve been warned.

Stefan takes Caroline home and she says she’s fine, but we and he know differently as she closes the door on him. When Tyler shows up, she hits him with both barrels, screaming at him to get out of her house, which sends him running to Jules and asking if this is the new normal. Like I said, the ship’s been shot to sh-t. Jules tells him yes, here, but not everywhere. There was a sidebar in there about wanting the location of Mason’s body so I don’t know if there’s a wolf spell tied to him, but it was news to Jules that he was looking for the moonstone.

Stefan calls in reinforcements for Caroline and returns to her front door with Elena and Bonnie for a rehabilitation slumber party. The girls hug and cry and Stefan and Elena exchange silent I love you’s as he departs. As for Damon, he retreats to a bubble bath with a reporter friend of Jenna’s and gets real for a moment about his true nature, then he glamours the girl not to be afraid before he sinks his teeth into her shoulder.

We close with Uncle Daddy returning to the tomb and telling (a still remarkably not desiccated) Katherine that he’s working on Elena, so there’s more to be told there. The other dangling threads were Bonnie and Jeremy getting cozy at the Grill although we weren’t privy to any actual dialogue between the two, and Matt made a good will overture to Caroline that got knocked down when she was kidnapped. When she doesn’t show up at the Grill as they planned, he calls. She answers at home, and looking at herself in the mirror and realizing she’s been beaten too badly to appear nonchalant right this minute, she begs off meeting him by using Bonnie as an excuse, unaware that Bonnie is 10 feet away from Matt at the restaurant. Drama!

I was glad that the show began (while Damon was in the shower) with news reports catching up that there’s been a spate of killings in town–it would be a little sketchy if they just didn’t notice.  We did get Liz for a moment, long enough to plot device telling Uncle Daddy that Damon was running the council.

Candice Accola continues to deliver, and I’ll be really, really disappointed if they don’t find a way to get Tyler and Caroline back on the same page, if only because she and Michael Trevino are so good together. And, I liked the two of them having an arc built around friendship and a tenderness they didn’t really share with anyone else vs. rage, which is where it looks like it’s heading. It was a drag, too, that there simply wasn’t time to spend on Bonnie and Jeremy, so they sort of got the montage treatment, but at least they wandered through the episode and seem to be past the “we can’t be friends” stage.

I’m glad there are nine episodes left. We have a lot to cover. If you missed the episode, you can catch it again on The CW Wednesday night (and online).

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