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Moment of Goodness

Community’s Moment of Goodness: Annie Makes Sweet Love to Abed 

Photo Credit: NBC
Photo Credit: NBC

I was never really into Dungeons & Dragons. I knew quite a few guys (some nerds, some outcasts, some popular kids) who worshipped the game. I can’t fault them for wanting to live in a fantasy world; high school can be tough. But if you’re out of your teens and early twenties and still playing? I’m worried about you. I’m just saying.

Of course Abed takes his job as the Dungeon Master seriously and he’s done his homework. It can’t be helped that no one in study group bothers to read their character descriptions before picking them, which is how Annie ends up as Hector the Well-Endowed. After Jeff blows his chance with her, Hector steps up to the plate and uses his charms to get a Pegasus. And that’s my moment of goodness. We don’t hear much of what Annie says as she describes the seduction but the fact that every single person around the table sits rapt as she describes how she makes sweet love to the maiden, is proof that she’s got some skills we know nothing about. Her hand motions alone make the scene hilarious. In fact, Troy is taking notes and asks a question at the end.

And there are so many amazing lines from the episode but I’ll leave you with my favorite exchange.

Jeff: What am I not good at?

Britta: Sex

The way he looks at her after that comment? Priceless.

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