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We Need To Know: Why Did It Take So Long for Mama B. To Take Down Volkoff on Chuck? 

Photo Credit: Jordin Althaus/NBC

First, let me say that I loved this episode of Chuck from beginning to end. I thought the pacing was excellent and enjoyed Chuck and Sarah helping to bring down Volkoff and Mama Bartowski home to her family permanently. I couldn’t help but wonder at the end of the episode though, how were Chuck and company able to infiltrate and destroy Volkoff in a matter weeks while Mary Bartowski has been deep undercover working to bring him down for over twenty years? Why didn’t the CIA provide her with more assistance in dealing with him? They definitely swooped in at the end but why not before? I like to suspend my disbelief willingly while watching most shows but this one seems rather glaring. I hope we get some answers as to why this happened.

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