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We Need to Know: When Did Tim and Tyra Become a Thing (Again)? 

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It’s a pleasure to see Adrianne Palicki back on Friday Night Lights, especially since she’s seems to be the only one who can talk some sense into Taylor Kitsch’s Tim Riggins. I don’t know when or how Tyra became so responsible but she knows the value of family. Both she and Tim have daddy-issues (which is probably how they originally ended up together back in high school) so she calls it like she sees it when Tim continues to push Billy away. I can’t imagine Tim Riggins in Alaska working on a pipeline, can you? He belongs in Dillon.

Tim’s been different since getting out of jail. Actually, he’s been different since he was sent to jail. As he tells Billy, Tim screwed up his life so Billy could fix his. Only, Tim doesn’t seem to think Billy’s doing such a good job. Maybe Billy is a constant reminder of what Tim had to give up to make sure Billy was a better dad than they had. Maybe he doesn’t agree with Billy’s choices. Maybe Tim’s disappointed with his own job and relationship prospects and takes it out on the easiest target. Only Tyra can see what’s really going on and she calls him on it. Tim needs to forgive his brother and stop punishing him.

In other news, I need to know why Tim and Tyra are together. Or maybe the question should be where the heck are Lyla and Landry? I’m not saying I hate Tim and Tyra together because I don’t. I just don’t get it. Is it merely convenient (as in friends with benefits) or are they trying to start something for real this time as grown ups? It just seems to come out of the blue. I don’t need or want either of them to wait around or to save themselves for Lyla and Landry. I just feel like I need more explanation or backstory or something for them being together now. I could be on my own in feeling this way but I don’t think I am. And I can’t say I’m upset by this either, in the grand scheme of things. As the series winds down I’m along for the ride no matter what. Clear eyes. Full Heart. Can’t Lose.

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  1. Jayla

    I feel like it was kind of a cop-out reason only to bring Adrian Palicki back on the show. It doesn\’t make sense why Tyra all of a sudden \”really loves him\” when we have had 3 seasons of her constant bitching at him while she strings Landry along instead. I respect Tyra because she made something of herself, but I honestly don\’t think those two would work out in the long hall.

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