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Relationship Recap: A Marriage in Crisis, Friday Night Lights 

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I don’t ever like to see Eric and Tami Taylor fight. I’m alright with a whisper fight here and there but we’ve never seen them fight like this. And it’s not even technically a fight. It’s an opportunity – or, at least, that’s what Tami keeps calling it and I think she has a point. She’s been a coach’s wife for eighteen years. She’s followed Eric around from city to city, finding whatever jobs she could get while he’s pursued his dream of coaching football. When is it going to be Tami’s turn? Isn’t her career important too? Is this the one thing that can break the Taylors up?

I love Kyle Chandler and Connie Britton. I was ecstatic when they were both nominated for Emmys last year, even though it was woefully overdue. They are one of the best TV couples out there. You can see how much they care about each other, how important it is for them to talk to each other, and how they’re able to resolve all their issues in a healthy way. But we’ve never seen them like this. Tami has an opportunity to be the Dean of Admissions at a small college up north. This is a tremendous opportunity for her and she wants to do it. Back in Dillon, Eric is planning to head up the new football team being put together with the best players from Dillon and East Dillon. Each knows what these jobs would mean to the other and only Tami has the grace to congratulate her husband on his opportunity. She even plays the perfect hostess when some of the Panther coaching staff (and Buddy, of course) shows up on her doorstep.

I am extremely disappointed in Eric’s behavior. Any time he uses “we,” he should really be talking about himself and his wife not himself and his football team. And why couldn’t he muster up any enthusiasm for Tami’s job offer? He knows how good she is at what she does and how passionate she is about making sure all kids (whether or not they’re at her high school) get the opportunities they need and deserve. The fact that he’s no even considering making this move speaks volumes. And it’s not saying anything good.

Tami’s not above reproach either. She knows how much Coach Taylor means to these kids. Often, he’s the father or mentor they never had. He’s the one person who believes in them no matter what and will fight to make sure they have opportunities to grow and learn, both on the field and off. He turned down a head coaching job at a college for these kids. I think he’d be willing to make almost any sacrifice for these kids. And they desperately need him. Some of them would have ended up dead or in jail without Coach.

So who’s right? I don’t know but what’s clear to me is that they need to communicate. Tami is willing but Coach isn’t talking. No matter what happens I don’t want to see this relationship irreparably damaged. I believe these two people belong together. They’re stronger as a unit and inspire and push each other to do better. I believe in them and I’m rooting for them.

Photo Credit: NBC
Photo Credit: NBC

Tami and Eric aren’t the only couple in crisis. Angela Rawna’s Regina and Cress Williams’ Ornette Howard have also reached their breaking point. We all knew Ornette’s return to town would be nothing but bad news. I mean, I hoped it would all turn out well but I wasn’t surprised when Ornette turned out to be such bad news. It’s tough to watch him wreaking such havoc on the people he claims to love. Regina is doing so well with her recovery and he’s making it harder and harder for her to stay sober. Doesn’t he realize he needs to support her? Why would he be so thoughtless and careless to bring alcohol into their home? And trying to break the door down after they’ve changed the locks on him? This is one marriage I want to see the demise of. I know Vince still has a bit of a soft spot for his father but it’s time for Regina to end her marriage. He’s just no good for her.

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