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Moment of Goodness

Friday Night Lights’ Moment of Goodness: Coach Lets Jess Shadow Him 

Jurnee Smollett

Jurnee Smollett‘s Jess Merriweather has always had a thing for football. Her (currently absent) father was a local football hero and her little brothers play in the Pee Wees. Even though she has no desire to play, which she tells Coach, she is interested in learning what it takes to become a coach. When she asks Coach Taylor to shadow him, you can see him thinking of all the reasons why it won’t work. But Jess is nothing if not tenacious and Coach is willing to do whatever necessary to inspire his students, who are like family.

When Jess takes it upon herself to scout a team the Dillon Lions might be playing in an upcoming playoff, Coach Taylor isn’t happy. Not only is it illegal to record them (only if you’re a coach), but Coach tells her she was never asked to do it. Jess can see she’s disappointed him but she gives him the DVD and her notes anyway. Later when Jess talks to Coach about the one female high school football coach, he can see she’s not going to let this go. So after trying to do some research – and failing because he couldn’t remember the last name of the female coach – he decides to take Jess under his wing.

Oh, Coach Taylor. How do I love thee? Let me count the ways. The fact that he would take Jess’s request so seriously (and if we know anything about Coach, we knew he’s eventually give in) just proves how invested he is in these kids. There is so much turmoil at the school and with the football program, but it’s refreshing to see Coach Taylor encouraging and supporting his kids. I hope Jess pursues this and goes on to become the second female high school football coach ever. She’s got the goods.

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