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Character Development: Cam Does Something About Her Sexual Frustration, Bones 

Photo Credit: Art Streiber/FOX

I was wondering what had become of Paul. It feels like we were introduced to him quite some time ago and we learn tonight that things haven’t progressed very much. Not only is he extremely busy, but Paul’s enough of a workaholic (like Cam) that he keeps bailing on their plans. And Cam’s not used to being low on anyone’s list of priorities.

It’s been a while for Tamara Taylor‘s Cam. She hasn’t had a boyfriend or any form of intimacy in quite some time. It’s clear she likes Paul but Cam’s worried she’s giving him too many chances. What kind of person let’s their “boyfriend” cancel on them for three straight weeks? Not Cam, according to Angela. She needs to make plans and let Paul catch up if he’s so inclined. When Paul cancels on Cam again she starts ignoring his calls. She’s getting some satisfaction from firing those guns in the lab but all that’s really doing (besides helping the case – in theory) is helping her get some of that frustration out. What Cam should really be doing is asking herself what she wants. Is she ready for a serious relationship? Is she ready to make changes in her life to let this guy in? Is she ready to put her personal life before her job?

When Paul seeks Cam out at her office he knows he’s in trouble. But he saves himself by telling her how much he cares about her and thinks about her. In fact, he’s gone so far as to lie to his patients so he can have a night off for a date. Cam says she’s too busy but ends up at the restaurant. I was so afraid she’d leave before Paul saw her. But, in a way, Booth and Bones come to her rescue. They force her to keep her date and. Maybe now she’ll realize what she been missing. We’ll see if Paul really is the one.

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