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Moment of Goodness

Chuck’s Many Moments of Goodness: Chuck Versus the Push Mix 

Photo Credit: Jordin Althaus/NBC

“Chuck Versus the Push Mix” was an amazing episode on so many levels. So much happened and all of it was good. I just can’t narrow it down to one major Moment of Goodness; the entire hour was one big MOG. Let’s break it down, shall we?

-Sarah and Frost working together; Chuck and Morgan working together

How cool was it to see Linda Hamilton and Yvonne Strahovski working together as Chuck’s girlfriend and mom? Frost and Sarah had a singular mission; find the location of the Hydra Network, which would ultimately be the key to destroying Alexei Volkoff. I just really enjoyed watching them work in tandem. These are two fierce, formidable characters; they both love Chuck and they both wanted to find their way back to him. Together, they made a great team.

I’ve been all about Morgan and Casey lately, but I was happy to see original best buds Chuck and Morgan drafting a plan to find Volkoff’s Hydra Network on their own. They did it in their own style, of course. First, they snatched the wrong Eimacher; but they got it right in the end. They quickly found out Hydra was located on a boat named The Contessa. I loved how the Spy and the Yoga Seal infiltrated the ship in their wet suits and Morgan didn’t have anything on underneath but his underwear. That is so Morgan.

-Morgan uses yoga to get the job done

Photo Credit: Jordin Althaus/NBC

I love it when a goof like Morgan steps up and becomes integral to the success of a mission. The bumbling Buy More manager found himself facing an intricate web of lasers. He decided his best tactic against this security precaution was to use Yoga. After all, in his words, he was currently “peaking mentally and physically.” Yogi Grimes used his considerable skills at his disposal like ujjayi breathing, Eagle and Warrior poses; I think my favorite was the pigeon pose. Trust me, that one’s difficult but an awesome position to pull off. I loved Morgan exponentially in that moment. Even when he had to take all his clothes off (except for his underwear) to make it the rest of the way through. Loved it even more when Sarah gave Morgan her coat to wear.

-Chuck takes care of Volkoff

I have an unending love for Timothy Dalton and his portrayal of Alexei Volkoff, but it was time for Chuck, Sarah and the crew to bring Volkoff down. Chuck’s plan to lure him out using Orion (his late father) was pretty genius; and for once, everything worked. Things looked like they were going to go South for a little bit; but Chuck had General Beckman and a whole army on his six. They had his back and Chuck was able to get one up on this season’s big villain. It was a satisfying end to the story, if it is the end of that story. Since they captured Alexei alive, there’s always a chance he can turn back up to cause mayhem once again (pretty please?).

-John and Alex bond

There was a short but sweet moment in the hospital when Alex was at John’s bedside. He seemed a little surprised she was still around. She brought him a bonzai tree and let him know she has grown to like having her dad around. And she’s not ready to lose him. Casey rewarded her by taking her hand and holding it. Such a sweet gesture that went a long way in letting the audience know what he feels for his daughter.

-Ellie and Awesome have their baby girl with Mama Bartowski in attendance

It’s so funny how Awesome is perfectly awesome until he gets into certain high stressful situations. When he was sucked into the spy game, his lying skills were terrible; and now with impending parenthood he’s been acting less awesome and more deathly terrified. But, after a conversation with Casey, who expressed his regrets at not being there for the birth of his daughter, he stepped up and was there for Ellie.

And after causing Volkoff’s downfall, Chuck, Sarah, Morgan and Mama B. showed up just in time for the baby to be born. The doctor said one of them could go be with Ellie, and Chuck let Mary have the honor. It was such a nice moment when she walked into the hospital room and Ellie realized her mom was going to be there for this huge event. Finally, when Awesome held his little girl for the first time; you could see his nerves dissipate and I believe we witnessed the birth of what undoubtedly will be an amazing new dad. Loved how he captured the moment perfectly by saying, “Awesome!”

-The Push Mix substitute: The Jeffster performance

What is there to say about The Jeffster hospital waiting room performance other than it was simply spectacular. I was so mad the security guards cut it short! Substituting for the Push Mix CD Chuck gave Awesome, Lester and Jeff did this great rendition of Salt-N-Pepa’s “Push It” that was blasted over the intercom and into Ellie’s hospital room. She didn’t seem to appreciate it while she was trying to push her baby out, but the pregnant moms dancing with abandon in the waiting room did. I did too. I have much love for Jeffster, but this time they outdid themselves. Great moment that really could have ended things on a high note. However…

-Chuck proposes to Sarah

I really liked the way the show handled the proposal. We already had an entire episode where Chuck was trying to find the absolute most perfect way to ask his kick butt girlfriend to marry him. And we saw how that ended: with Sarah being whisked away in handcuffs for her “treasonous” behavior. Then they were separated while she infiltrated Volkoff Industries in order to save Chuck’s mom and bring her back to her boyfriend. So, the quiet way Chuck finally proposed was utter perfection. He took out the ring and then the camera cut to a wide shot and all we heard was the sound of a vacuum; it was a private moment between Chuck and Sarah, so all we saw was Chuck get down on bended knee; and as the scene faded to black, we saw Sarah reach forward to kiss her new fiancée. The proposal was really well handled. It was the perfect way to end such a freakin’ good episode.

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