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Character Development: Annie’s Economic Struggle, Community 

Photo Credit: Trae Patton/NBC

In “Celebrity Pharmacology 212,” we learned much more about Annie’s life after Pierce spotted the almost always perky student digging cans out of the trash at school to recycle. He then followed her home, which happened to be in an undesirable part of town. Her apartment was above a sex toy shop or as Annie refers to it, a “marital aids store” known as Dildopolis. I believe in the episode Troy turned 20…I mean 21…there was a flippant remark about Annie living on the bad side of town. But I really didn’t think much about it. So happy they filled in some of the blanks of Annie’s current situation. Here’s what we learned.

Character Development 101

  • We finally saw Annie’s craphole apartment.
  • She’s living above a marital aids store in a very bad part of town
  • She’s got a crappy car.
  • Her landlord is rapist-like.
  • She’s not speaking to her parents. After her nervous breakdown, her mom practiced classic avoidance while Annie wanted to face her issues head on.
  • She went to rehab and her mom cut her off.
  • She says she’s living on her savings. Did she say “period fairy?”
  • Annie can make the best out of a bad situation. Her apartment’s cute despite her surroundings. She’s resourceful too. She found those drapes in a dumpster.

I feel bad Annie has to pinch pennies and wonder where she’s going to get money. Pierce’s offer to help her out, of course, didn’t come without strings. He never does anything out of the goodness of his heart, but I did appreciate how he and Annie interacted more in this episode. In the end, Annie finally decided she was going to find a job. Now, I’m wondering what kind of employment she’s going to end up getting. Knowing this show, it’s going to be something very strange and very hilarious. I can’t wait. Kudos to Community‘s Alison Brie for doing such a great job in this episode.

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