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Southland “Code Four” 

Photo credit: TNT

I’m not sure when Southland came onto my radar but it definitely wasn’t during it’s short run on NBC. I think I remember hearing about it when NBC canceled it (was that before they’d even aired one episode?) and it moved over to TNT. I can’t imagine a show like this being on NBC. It’s gritty, it’s dark, and it can be unrelenting. It’s a cable show. Tonight’s episode (like every other episode this season) has been so good. And ended with a major bomb. I had no idea Kevin Alejandro’s Nate Moretta was going to die. 

The Moretta/Bryant relationship has been a lot of Bryant lately. Sammy may or may not be getting a divorce and he may or may not be a father. Nate’s been very supportive – letting Sammy crash on his couch, being there when Sammy needs to talk – but in “Code Four” he’s had enough. Nate feels like he’s working their case alone because Sammy is so distracted by his phone. He’s either talking to Tammi or waiting for her to call. I’ll admit it, I was getting frustrated with Sammy too. He and Tammi are so much drama. It can be too much at times.

Nate thinks he can get a reluctant witness to help their case so he lays it on thick. But his charm and persistence pay off in the end. As the guys are heading home for the night, Nate stops when a thug throws a glass bottle at his car. Sammy wants Nate to let it go, but Nate either can’t or won’t. Things seem to be going ok until one of the thugs attacks Nate with the bat – out of nowhere – and he goes down. It’s all Sammy can do to keep the huge crowd of guys off his partner. In fact, Sammy can’t keep them off his partner and gets beat up in the process. He fires multiple times – at some of the guys and into the air – to get keep them back but it takes a while to get to the car so he can call for backup. The cops arrive pretty fast, maybe because a police helicopter happens to be in the area but we already know it’s too late. Nate’s not moving and hasn’t moved at all since he went down.

It’ll be interesting to see how this affects Sammy as well as the other detectives and patrol officers. They are all such a tight group. I know some of them will take this hard and some will take it very personally. I don’t think I can wait a whole week for a new episode.

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