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First Watch Spartacus: Gods of the Arena “Past Transgressions” 

Photo credit: STARZ

I think I got so excited the show was coming back that I overhyped it in my own mind. It’s not like I hated it, but I didn’t love it either. Since we’re all about goodness here, I’ll focus on the positive. And for me, there was all kinds of goodness in seeing John Hannah’s Batiatus, Lucy Lawless’s Lucretia, Peter Mensah’s Oenomaus, Manu Bennett’s Crixus, and Craig Walsh-Wrightson’s Solonius again. The jury is out – for now – on Gannicus. I like his bravado and his friendship with Oenomaus but currently he’s little more than a limp c–k (rhymes with mock, lock…you get the picture) to me. Too much? I thought I’d try to talk “in period speak.” Ok, I’ll stop.

How did I forget that the show is very much about blood and guts and very much about showing us all of that? I wanted to cover my eyes during a few scenes. I don’t care if it looks fake. If there is a lot of spurting and gushing (whoa there nelly) fluids – ha, I mean blood…well, mostly blood – I just don’t feel like I have to see all that. I think my tolerance for it was built back up by the end of the episode. One person I was surprised to see bruised and blood was Batiatus at the end of the episode. I like that he didn’t want to sell Gannicus. I mean, he can’t. Gannicus is his shot at glory. I’m just proud of him for taking that beating. Wow. I’m wondering if we’ll get to meet Batiatus’s father. I’d love to get some insight into the man who made Batiatus who he is. Fascinating.

As far as the new characters go I think Gaia has great potential. I’m looking forward to seeing her use her charms to catch a man. I think she’ll delay as long as possible though; she’s having was too much fun with Lucretia. I’m already a fan of Melitta as well. I like that she cuts Gannicus down to size and is passionately in love with her husband. Tullius and Vettius will be great villains; I already hate them.

I’m fully committed to this prequel but is it ok to say I miss Andy Whitfield? Because I really do.


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