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Guest Star Goodness

Guest Star Goodness: USA Network’s Fairly Legal 

Photo Credit: USA Network

Any given TV show features tons of actors, be they regular cast members, those who snag the recurring roles (meaning they’re around from time to time) as well as those guest stars making a one-time appearance in that particular episode.
Typically for me, I will recognize a small handful of the guest stars in most of my favorite shows, but while I watched the debut of the new USA Network series Fairly Legal, there were over half a dozen familiar faces in that one episode, not including the main cast members. And for that fact alone, I had to do a Guest Star Goodness shout-out to this new series because they managed to really impress me with their casting.

Among the familiar faces were well-known actors Ken Howard and Gerald McRaney, who portrayed one of Kate Reed’s (series lead Sarah Shahi) wealthy clients and a court judge, respectively. Then there was Ethan Embry who played Kate’s brother; Patrick Gilmore who played the son of the wealthy client; Ty Olsson had a blink-and-you-would-miss-him appearance as a friend of Kate’s assistant Leo; Ted Whittall was a lecherous client of Kate’s step-mother (Virginia Williams) and Jessica Parker Kennedy played the fiancée of one of Kate’s court-appointed clients.

Ken Howard

Ken Howard is known to audiences for his role in Crossing Jordan, but he has a long resume of TV that includes the 70s high school basketball drama, The White Shadow.

Photo Credit: USA Network

Meanwhile, Gerald McRaney was Rick Simon in the 80s series Simon and Simon. He was also Major Dad and starred in the much-loved but short-lived series Jericho (among countless other TV shows and movies). Plus, he was recently a cast member on the brief NBC spy series, Undercovers.

Photo Credit: USA Network

Ethan Embry is probably best known for his roles in the box office movies That Thing You Do, Sweet Home Alabama and Empire Records. His TV credits include the cable series Brotherhood and the cop show L.A Dragnet that also starred Ed O’Neill.

Patrick Gilmore

Sci-Fi audiences know Patrick Gilmore  for his role in the soon-to-be defunct Syfy series Stargate Universe as well as the online series Riese: Kingdom Falling.

Viewers of Eureka are familiar with Ty Olsson from his, albeit short, role as Sheriff Andy as well as his recurring roles in Battlestar Galactica and the short-lived series Defying Gravity.

Anyone who has seen an episode of the Cartoon Network series Tower Prep were probably ecstatic to see Ted Whittall as the Headmaster, but he also has a recurring role on Smallville. He also appeared in the syndicated series Falcon Beach and the made-for-TV movie Tin Man.

Finally, Jessica Parker Kennedy has appeared in episodes of Smallville as well as the shows Valemont and Kaya and was part of the cast for the made-for-TV movies Santa Baby and its sequel.

Now, I am sure future episodes of this series will feature more familiar faces, but I will be curious to see if any episodes feature this much great casting.

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