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We Need To Know: Why is Tony so Bothered by Ziva’s Love Life? 

Photo Credit: Cliff Lipson/CBS

Over the years, Tony and Ziva have had a connection the show has been afraid to truly explore. At first, Ziva was into Tony. Then Tony was into Ziva. But then, the end of Season 6 happened and things cooled down considerably. Slowly, the show has resurrected the Tiva UST, to varying success. This season, we found out Ziva has been hanging out with a guy she met in Miami on assignment. But now, Tony seems too concerned with finding out about him. Is it because he’s jealous? Is it because he doesn’t have anyone? Or is it just because he’s a nosy guy? Ziva really isn’t forthcoming with the details, although, in “Recruited,” we finally found out his name is Ray. If Ziva weren’t as secretive about the whole “affair,” would Tony be so anxious to find out everything? At one point, I loved the idea of Tony and Ziva, but the events of “Semper Fidelis” and “Aliyah” soured me on the notion. But, I also don’t like this stringing along, especially since there might only be an infinitesimal possibility these two characters will ever really hook up. It’s Season 8! If the show isn’t going to put them together, then let it go. Let Ziva have her love life. Let Tony move on from whatever he’s feeling for Ziva and get his own life. That’s what I’m feeling after watching Tony being so bothered in “Recruited.” Whether I’m going to continue to feel this tomorrow, I’m not sure, because like I’ve already said, I did once really want this couple to connect. For now, just give us a break on this “will they or won’t they” business, until the writers can make up their minds on whether these two characters are soulmates, or simply friends.

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