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Playing Catch-Up: ABC’s Brothers and Sisters 

Photo Credit: ABC/Adam Taylor

Sorry I haven’t said anything for the past couple of weeks, so today’s blog is going to be a rundown of what’s going on with the Walker clan.

Nora:  She and boyfriend, Karl, broke up because he couldn’t deal with her family.  (It really does take someone strong to put up the Walker Clan!)  Also, she helped Holly realize that she should go to New York and be with her husband and daughter.  During this time, she found a folder of photos and surveillance video that her late husband, William had kept.  Some of the video was before she even was dating William, so I’m sure we will be finding out a few things. We also found out that she dated a man named Brody before William.  It’s all a set up for something big…

Saul:  He got to confront the person who gave him HIV and finally forgave him. Is this a possible romance for Saul?

Sarah: She’s learning how to deal with her new empire, which includes running the radio stations. Luc went away on business, but he came back just in time for Tommy’s arrival.  (We’ll get to that in a minute)

Kitty:  Was having a great romance with a younger guy and then it got in the tabloids. She decided she wanted to explore her options and went to Washington DC to check it out. Poor, cute, boyfriend was left in the dust. (Calista didn’t want to work as much so that’s why her character went to Washington)

Justin:  He met nurse, Annie (played by his real life wife, Odette Yustman). They started to date.  Just When things looked like they were going well, her old boyfriend comes back in the picture.  He is a surgeon that stood up for Justin in a hearing. Justin, who is now an EMT, saved the life of a patient because he did a procedure quickly and efficiently. Because he isn’t a doctor, he had to go to the board. Justin realized quickly that the ex-boyfriend didn’t help him out of the kindness of his heart, but wanted Annie back.  Everything came to a head at the hospital softball game when, Dr. Douche (that’s what Justin called him. I think that’s so funny!) didn’t call Justin safe.  It was at that point they came to blows.  Justin eventually broke up with Annie because he says Annie still has feelings for her ex.  (Now, let me just say I didn’t see any indication that she was more into the doctor than Justin.  She says she didn’t mean to lead Justin on….whatever…it really didn’t make that much sense, but who am I to judge?)

Scotty and Kevin: The guys decided to foster a child and then hopefully adopt one.  At an adoption fair, they seemed to have made a connection with a young girl named Olivia. Once they started hanging out, Olivia ended up pushing them away a bit because she’s afraid they will eventually leave her. I think it’s fair to say she has been disappointed by adults her whole short life. It’s pretty sad.  Scotty and Kevin made sure she understood they wanted her. They seemed to be getting through to her, but through a series of small events, Kevin and Scotty realized this little girl doesn’t know how to read.  I think it’s a great way to show there are a lot of people that have love and a good home to give to a child, no matter their color, creed or sexual orientation.

Tommy:  Well, well, the prodigal son returned home in the latest episode, “Safe at Home.” And He brought a “surprise” for the family, his new fiancée, Rose. She was a little hyper which freaks out Nora and Sarah at first. She told them she’s making a family tree for them, which I’m sorry, but I find a bit stalker-like. (Rose even said she probably sounded like a stalker. Yeah, lady, you do!) Sarah and Tommy were at a meeting at the radio station when he asked his sister to lend him money for an investment opportunity. Sarah freaked out. And really, who could blame her after everything Tommy did in the past! At the end of the episode they all made up and Sarah offered Tommy a job, which would require him to move to Pasadena with Rose. Let me just say this: The jury is still out on Rose. And where’s Tommy’s daughter, Elizabeth? Is his ex-wife, Julia, ever going to come back and stir things up? There is something about Rose that’s off and I’m not sure yet what that is.

One last thing: Rose found Nora and William’s marriage certificate and showed Tommy, who said the date was wrong. What does this mean for the Walkers? Only time will tell…..

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