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Character Development: Taub Ends His Marriage, House “Larger Than Life” 

Photo Credit: FOX

Things have been wrong in Taub’s marriage for quite some time. He’s cheated on Rachel multiple times but they stay together because they’re still in love. In “Larger Than Life,” Taub decides to do what’s best for her – and maybe even himself – and ends things.

Rachel Taub has a special friend Phil. Even though she’s never met him she tells him things she just can’t discuss with her husband. She’s been having an emotional affair and she sees nothing wrong with it. Since Taub has chosen to be the face of the hospital (or, more accurately, was chosen and has fully embraced it), she seems to want intimacy with him nonstop. At first Taub is flattered but in the back of his mind he knows Rachel wants Phil, not him. He takes very little comfort in the fact that she’s not physically cheating.

Taub gets unusually tangled up in the current case when the patient’s wife confides in him. Although the patient promised to make changes in his life – quit the band, spend more time at home – when he’s cured he goes back to the same old tune. Taub realizes that’s what he’s doing with his wife. He wants to change, but he can’t promise he’ll never cheat again. And he doesn’t want to keep hurting someone he loves.

I’m proud of him for doing the grown up thing here. Yes, he’s been with his wife for 22 years. As he said he doesn’t know how to be with anyone else. But it’s never too late to change or learn something new. I think this will be hard but it’ll ultimately bring him some happiness as well.


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