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Mid-Season TV Crushes: USA Network’s White Collar 

Photo Credit: USA Network

USA Network’s White Collar has an abundance of riches: good ratings; great writing; and a cast that just clicks. When the show brought back Marsha Thomason, I thought that was the last piece of the puzzle. Now everything’s perfect. You know what else is perfect? The show’s two leads. When there are two hot leads on a TV series, I usually gravitate towards one or the other. But, that’s not the case with White Collar, which returns to USA Network this week with new Season 2 episodes. I am seriously in crush with both Matthew Bomer and Tim DeKay.

Photo Credit: USA Network

Matthew is just spectacularly hot. As Neal Caffrey, I love the way he dresses. Those hats; his great hair; that impeccable style; and I just melt when he adds glasses to the mix. You know Neal could rob you blind, but for some reason you want to protect him anyway.

Photo Credit: USA Network

As for Tim, he’s just so damn adorable as Peter Burke. Peter’s confident and confidence is sexy. He loves his wife but, occasionally, he’s a little bit lost when it comes to dealing with women. He has a magnificent smile, a sparkle in his eye, and yes, sometimes Peter’s a tad dorky. But dorky’s OK in my book.

More importantly, Matthew and Tim have this great chemistry in scenes together. It’s one of the show’s best assets and it’s pretty wonderful to watch. So, I just sit back and let the magic happen. I absolutely consider Matthew and Tim two of my favorite mid-season TV crushes.

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