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Relationship Recap: House and Cuddy 

Photo Credit: Adam Taylor/FOX

I’ve been a Huddy shipper from the beginning. And I think it’s about time House has a more traditional romantic relationship in his life (the non-traditional ones? I’m referring to House’s extremely codependent relationship with Wilson as well as his preference for hookers). I like that House and Cuddy don’t have that much in common. I like that Cuddy doesn’t expect House to change for her. I like that House is making an effort with Cuddy’s kid. I don’t know how hard he’s trying, but he’s making an effort. Most of all, I like that this relationship is messing both of them up. That’s just good drama.

I somehow managed to get behind on my television viewing (can you just hear the sarcasm pouring from that statement?) and I marathoned something like six episodes in a row. Over the course of those episodes we see House admit that the relationship is messing with his head and we see both House and Cuddy compromise who they are to try to please the other. Disturbing but good. When they finally have it out, it happens to be in front of the parents of a dying girl and her brother. Yikes. But I’m glad they got things out in the open. If they both want this relationship to work they have to be themselves and communicate.

Some people seem to have concerns about House’s parenting skills. I’m right there with ya. I got so nervous when Cuddy asked House to babysit Rachel. Is she crazy? Has she met House? Of course House has to call Wilson in for backup. I was concerned when they both ended up outside Cuddy’s place then amused to see how much damage Rachel did in such a short amount of time. That’s the thing with kids – they get into everything. And they’re messy. But I like where things are going. I will never expect (or accept) House as Dad of the year but I think he can make a real bond with Rachel. If we take the kid out of the equation for a moment, I still like what’s going on with Huddy. Watching them try to act somewhat normal around each other at work is amusing. Personally, I’d like to see another blowup. We know how House can get about his cases and it’s Cuddy’s job to stand in his way and be the voice of reason. I do want them together but I like them at odds. I can’t wait to see what comes next.


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