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Guest Star Goodness

It Was So Good To See You: Week of January 10th 

Hey guys, we have a new column debuting at TV Goodness and along with Guest Star Goodness, it’s going to shine a spotlight on some of the incredible guest stars populating the TV universe week after week. So, please welcome our brand new writer, Rueben, with “It Was So Good To See You.”

Over the past week as I watched my favorite shows, I couldn’t help but notice a lot of familiar faces among the guest stars. This is nothing new for me, as I’m always observant of the actors and actresses who make an appearance on the shows I love to watch. But, there were a couple of familiar faces that just made me smile, as I thought “it was so good to see you” again.

Jane Badler

As this week’s episode of V featured the original lizard queen in the form of recurring guest star Jane Badler , there was another actress who appeared – albeit briefly – in the same episode as the first pregnant human who will give birth onboard on the alien ships. That actress was Keegan Connor Tracy, who was a series regular in the short-lived series Jake 2.0 (alongside Christopher Gorham of Covert Affairs) and had a recurring role in the latter seasons of Battlestar Galactica.

Carlo Rota. Photo Credit: Joseph Viles/Fox

At the end of the week, after a delay in scheduling, actor Carlo Rota appeared in the first of two new episodes of Human Target; and while he was playing a terrorist who took over an opera house full of wealthy patrons, but it was still good to see him. Carlo is best known for his recurring role in several seasons of 24 and the Canadian series Little Mosque on the Prairie.

I can’t wait to see what next week has in store for us.

Read more about Rueben at her own blog. She also writes for NiceGirlsTV and Follow her on Twitter here.

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